Monday, May 31, 2010

Only My Husband....

Would ask our neighbor, who just happens to work for Zeeland BPW, to get him a telephone pole so that he could mount it in our third stall and be able to 'play' with his tree stands whenever he desired.
The kids LOVED daddy's new setup and had a blast hopping from stand to stand.
Pretty fun entertainment if you ask me.

I must say that husband of mine is quite the thinker. He's already hoping for yet another pole to mount behind our barn in the backyard. I guess the tree he shoots from, for practice, isn't cutting it. :) His creations always turn out pretty nice, so I'll let my sweetie be a boy and enjoy his toys.

A good morning chuckle

The other morning I went to get Kolter out of his crib and this is what I found.. jammies that didn't match and a pull-up over top of his diaper and jammie bottoms.. the sight made me laugh out loud. Clearly daddy got him ready for bed and pretty much anything went. If nothing else it made for a good, early morning, chuckle.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Tuesday to Remember

On Tuesday morning I was able to head with Kennedy's class to their teacher's house for a fun, end of the school year, field trip. Mrs. Genzink had all sorts of fun things set up to entertain the kids. Anything from shooting hoops, sidewalk chalk, ladder golf, beanbag toss, a trampoline, a sandbox and even a peak inside her house. I think all the kids enjoyed playing and seeing where Mrs. Genzink lives. It was a beautiful morning to play outside.

As our time there was coming to an end Mrs. Genzink brought out a special treat that Mr. Genzink had left for all. The kids were super excited to find out what Mr. Genzink had left for them. Popsicles it was! Mr. Genzink's treat was totally fitting to cool us off on such a warm morning.
Later that evening we headed back to school to celebrate graduation.
The kids sang some songs for us, which was super cute, and then were each given certificates and a small gift. As a parent it's so rewarding to see your child up on stage singing away and praising Jesus. We were very proud of our precious little graduate. I still can't believe our year of preschool has come to an end.
Some of her classmates smiling sweetly for us camera happy mom's.
Kennedy and her friend Anna.
We're super excited because Anna will be in Kennedy's kindergarten class come Fall.
A moment with Mrs. Genzink
And Mrs. Verkaik
I loved both these teacher so much.
I really hope Kooper has them in the Fall when he starts preschool.
A picture of our fam, minus the boys, in front of school.
A family of can it be?
It's been almost 4 years since it was just the three of us.
We opted to leave the boys home on this special night since they don't have a whole lot of sit in them. We thank our neighbors for being kind enough to watch them for a bit.
Grandma and grandpa Rotman stuck around long enough to get in some pics.

Our little graduate in front of school.
It truly seems like just yesterday I was dropping her off for her very first day and now our school year has come to an end. Oh my how quickly the time goes by.
Praising God for a wonderful school year!
Very much looking forward to Kindergarten in the Fall..
Kenz is excited to ride the bus. We'll see how long that lasts and if mom can let go enough for her to do that. I'm not a huge fan of the bus but I think I'll probably let her ride it once in awhile just because she's so excited to do so. :)

Sleeping Sweetly

Rarely do our children fall asleep in the car anymore let alone all three at once, so I couldn't help but capture this sweet,rare, moment. After I snapped the first one I realized Kenz and Kolt fell asleep holding hands. How precious is that?

Kennedy's Special Day

This year for Kennedy's b-day Auntie Jill and Uncle Brad gave her the option of a gift that she could open or a special day she could enjoy with them. She chose a special day and a special day they did have. Last weekend Auntie Jill, Uncle Brad and Ella took Kennedy on a dune ride in Saugatuck. By the sounds of it they ALL had a great time. Jill took these darling pics and I couldn't help but create my own post for memory sake. What a great Auntie and Uncle our children have. We are blessed. Kennedy LOVED every moment of her special day with the Koning's.
This little girl LOVES her uncle Brad!
Auntie ranks right up there though, too.
And cousin Ella.
I think they make a darling family of four.

Baby rattlers..
I guess the dune driver told a story about these crazy little snakes and at one point on their ride some were set up to scare all the riders. I don't believe those were real rattlers however. From what Kennedy tells me, Auntie Jill even screamed out loud.
Two cute little sweeties hanging in the dune buggy.
Kennedy was super impressed and came home and told me that it was SO cool and that maybe I should get a job working there. The funny things she comes up with. I'm sure driving a dune buggy would be a tad more up daddy's alley rather than mine.
After their venture in the dunes they headed to McDonalds for lunch and then to the park to play for a bit. Needless to say it was probably one of the best gifts ever. I'm certain Kennedy will request a 'special day' for b-day's from here on out. Thanks again Uncle Brad, Auntie Jill, and Ella for making Kennedy's b-day extra special this year.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Our friend, FROGGY

Yesterday my sweet little animal lover spotted and captured a frog that was hopping about in our landscaping. I must say she's much braver than me as there was no way I was going to hold onto it. She fell in love with the Froggy at first sight. At one point I heard her sweet talking to it and told it she was it's new owner. It was super sweet. She kept it in a bucket and while she napped in her tiny bug box. I kept praying that it remained alive all cramped in that box while she slept. After naps we ventured next store and borrowed a larger container with a lid so Froggy wouldn't try to hop out. She'd show it off to anyone that stopped over. With it being so nice we had frequent neighbors stopping by. Since it was so hot daddy convinced her that it'd be best to set the frog free. After a couple of hours of pondering letting him go she finally agreed and we took a bike ride and let him go in the creek up the road. We were so proud of her.
So proud of Froggy!
The neighbor kids that were over swimming thought Froggy was pretty neat.
Kennedy, however, wouldn't let anyone hold him.

Ella was pretty interested!
I think she may be an animal lover just like her big cuz.
Looking forward to our next Froggy friend..

Pet Day

Last week was pet day at school. Since we're a pet less household, other than our two fish, Kennedy thought it'd be fun to borrow g-ma and g-pa Hulst's new puppy, Ellie Mae, and show her off to all her classmates. Kennedy LOVES Ellie as much as Ellie loves Kennedy so she did great and enjoyed meeting all her friends.

We did return Ellie to g-ma and g-pa but Kennedy really wished we could take her home and keep her for a bit. (heart breaking as a parent to have to say no when it's so cute watching her with a pup. it's a good thing so many in our fam have pups to share so Kenz can get her doggy fix in)

Helder Park and Tilly

We've decided to take full advantage of the May warm up and headed to Helder Park last week for a little playdate with my sister and the little girl she nannies. It was a gorgeous afternoon. The boys had a great time playing and Tilly, my sister's puppy, kept Kennedy entertained.
I love it that Kolter is old enough to run wild at the park and attempt to keep up with his big brother. Kooper had fun playing with Abby and a pack of boys he ended up meeting.
They were playing Ironmen and this was their hub.
I think this was the one instance Kennedy put Tilly down and enjoyed a ride with Abby.
The rest of the time it was all about Tilly.
She's SO good with animals.
I'm really getting the itch to get her a puppy. I do think we'll wait until the busyness of summer is over before we officially consider it. I never thought I'd have an inside dog but seeing how she interacts just melts my heart. I know they'd be the best of friends.
She took Tilly on a full fledged park adventure.
Thankfully Tilly was a great sport.
All the kids at the park wanted to pet her.
Needless to say a cute pup can draw quite the crowd.

I dare say at the end of our park play Tilly probably crashed as hard as my three did come naptime. The blessing of good ole fresh air.