Friday, June 10, 2011

Cheer Camp

Yesterday Kennedy and her friend Emma headed to HCHS for a half day of Cheer Camp.  It's a camp put on by the HCHS cheerleaders as sort of a fundraiser for their summer camps.  Needless to say both girls had a blast.  I'm a tad biased but I do think they are naturals.  We were able to watch them perform a cheer and a dance routine at the end of their time there.  It was the cutest and brought back memories of my days of cheer.  We'll have to see if these girl's follow in their mommies footsteps.  Jami actually recalled her days of leading this same camp when she cheered at HCHS. :) 

Kennedy said she loved cheer camp and even today I found her trying to recall some of cheer they learned.  Their dance was to Hannah Montana's Rockstar song so of course we had to find it on youtube and dance it up today. :)

Beating the Heat

A sprinkler under the tramp provides a way to beat the heat and is just plain fun!!
We picked up a free tramp from a friend of Bryan's and the kids have been having a blast with it.  We're pondering getting a net b/c watching them jump does make this mama a tad nervous.   Until then I will continue to pray for safety when they're bouncing out there. :)

Toddler T-ball

Kooper had his first toddler t-ball game last week.  He isn't the biggest sports lover so we thought this would give him a small taste, it's only 4 weeks long, and some quality one on one time with dad.  Parents play alongside their child during toddler t-ball. It's pretty entertaining.  Kooper had fun and has enjoyed his first two games.  Bryan asked him what he liked best about t-ball and his said~ "I really enjoyed filling my glove up with dirt and playing with Landon."   (gotta love it) 

Our last Jaiden day...

We had our last Jaiden day last week.  We watched her on Wednesday's after school for the entire school year.  These cousin's bonded like sister's.  I have a feeling they will be missing each other LOTS so playday's will be a must.
A few last day pics of these bathing beauties.  From the backside I had a hard time telling who was who. :)  

Boating Adventures!!

Project boat is complete.
Maiden Voyage was a success and we are loving every venture out on the water.
Kennedy and Kolter have both tubed for the first time and Bry and I have been up skiing for the first time in years.  Lots of fun will be had this summer.   

Looking forward to lots of summer fun on the water.
We are super thankful for a handy hubby/daddy who took an old boat and made it new~ new to us anyway.
I have many childhood boating memories and I hope the same now for our kiddos.

Memorial Day Parade

Kennedy walked the entire parade route with her class this year.
They sported the lovely blue jackets that have been a ZCS tradition for like 40 years.
It was a super hot day so they were very sweaty and tired by the time the parade ended.  She had lots of fun though and we did too.  We were at the end of the route so no candy for the boys.  Thankfully, they didn't seem to mind. 

The boys were hot, sweaty, and tired from sitting and watching the parade. 
Daddy to the rescue. :) 
Thankful for all who have served and are currently serving.   God bless!

Last day of preschool and graduation.

Kooper was special helper on his very last day of preschool so I was able to tag along.  We had some fun in the classroom before heading to Mrs. Genzink's house for our very last field trip.  Koop made lots of good friends this year.  Matthew, Gannon, Bode and Sam will be greatly missed. 
Three amigo's Bode, Koop and Gannon.. 
Graduation night.. 
It's always a treat to see your child on stage.  I was super proud that Koop was singing along and doing the motions.  In the practice earlier he was more on the shy side. 

He did it!! 
We're so proud of you, bud. 
What a fun filled year of preschool it was...
Looking forward to young 5's in the fall..