Tuesday, April 26, 2011

~ Easter ~

Our LORD is ALIVE!!!!
And so we celebrate each and every day!
In celebration, or really just for something fun to do, we dyed and decorated some eggs.
We had a dye cup spill all over the place and I ended up with yoke on me, but all in all it was a good evening of family fun. 

The kids enjoyed the stickers as much as they enjoyed dipping eggs.. 
 They decorated the eggs as well as themselves. 

'Peace' what Kennedy named her classroom parrot, he's living with us for the week, even joined in on the fun.  
Kolt and Peace showing off his sticker tattoo. 
And Koop also all stickered out. 
Egg hunt on Easter morn.
Not the brightest of ideas since all the kids wanted for breakfast was candy. :) 

They did have fun searching inside for the eggs.
I only hid like 15 each so it didn't take too long.
I think next year we'll move the hunt outside.
Bryan's not a big fan of the Easter bunny or eggs so we just kept it simple. 
Eggs and bunnies aren't the reason we celebrate anyway... just a fun to do. 

After restricting their candy intake it was time to get ready for church..
Our cute little peanuts.. 

We spent an afternoon with family and celebrated the joy of Jesus being Alive.   Oh how thankful we are that He endured all just for US.

Pool Party

That's right.... Pool Party this time of year. 
Emma and Logan came to play for awhile on Saturday and Bryan thought it'd be fun to turn the heat on in the garage and fill up their kiddie pool with warm water.  Needless to say the kids were all over that.  I think they played in the pool a good 1.5- 2 hrs.  It was a fun, yet different, thing to do on a Saturday afternoon when it's only 50 degrees outside.  Kolter was the only one who seemed to get hurt and every occurrence was minor.  It was bound to happen in a pool that size with five rowdy and excited kids. 

Critter Barn With Kennedy's Class

Last week I ventured to the Critter Barn with Kennedy's class.  The weather could have been better but other than that the trip was great.  They do such a wonderful job there, explaining all the detailed aspects of the farm, and the kids loved every part of the field trip.  A highlight for all was the unexpected birth of a baby goat. 
Attempting a class photo. 
The horse was super hungry and kept trying to nibble off the hats of the kid's who were wearing them.  Some thought it was funny and some were a bit scared.  Miss Mary made sure he got something to eat when we told her how silly he was being. 

All the kids got a chance to pet the horse if they wanted.
  I do believe all joined in. 

Mrs. Borgman was playing mommy to this new calf..  The kids thought it was fun to watch the baby drink from a bottle.  

Inside trying to warm up a bit. 
Time to milk the goat.. 

The surprise birth of the baby goat..  what a fun treat that was. 
I have never seen an animal be born so it was a very neat experience to witness.  I'm sure this is a moment all the kiddos will remember.  I know Kennedy loves to tell everyone about it. :) 

About an hour after it was born the goat tried to stand and even took a few steps. 
 It was was a cute sight.
Miss Mary giving him his first feeding from a bottle. 
After all the baby goat fun we moved on to the lambs..
Kennedy isn't shy when it comes to any of the animals...  a surprise to me since I'm not that big of an animal lover. 
A quick after lunch break with Jaiden and Hope. 
After holding the bunnies she told me we needed one.  She does look awfully cute holding them, but I don't think it's a possibility.  It's a good thing Critter Barn is close by and that our neighbors raise rabbits...  She can get her fix when she feels the need. 

Precious baby chicks. 
The one and only animal I touched that day.  

Feeding the chickens.. 

'Best Day Ever' were the words Kennedy used to sum up the day. :)

Cousin Kipton

A couple weeks back we watched Kipton in the am while Jill took Ella to a dance class.  The boys were super excited for a morning with their newest cousin.  I think they were mostly excited that Kennedy was at school so they wouldn't have to share him.  They showered Kip with lots of love and attention.  He seemed to love all they were giving and showered us with lots of smiles, giggles and drool.   

I think they were telling him stories here... 
You can tell Kip is used to having his big sis in his face. 
He loved all the attention. 
 Kolt was maybe singing something to him here. 
Clapping was part of it. 
What a treat it was to have Kip that morning. 
His big cousins had lots to teach him.
Looking forward to next time.. :)