Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Such a BRAVE girl!

This afternoon I took Kennedy to the doctor for her 4 year well child appointment. I know we're a bit late on this, but her preschool recommended making the appointment in June or July so that she's current for the entire school year. Anyway, we knew this day was coming and it was one I had been dreading for awhile as it consisted of shots. Honestly there's no way to hide them or sugar coat them for a 4 year old. Part of me was like do I prepare her or do I just surprise her. I didn't want her to worry about the upcoming visit and I also didn't think springing it on her was fair either. Basically we just talked about it in advance and explained that it would hurt, but only for a second. I think knowing that the hurt wasn't going to last put her at ease. We also told her that after the appointment she could go to Target, a happy place, and pick out whatever she desired. She really liked that as she loves Target. Today at her appointment she was as brave as a 4 year old could be and I couldn't be prouder. They checked her vision, her hearing and even made her pee in a cup. She thought that was pretty cool. :-) They also did all the normal routine stuff and all checked out great. When it came time for the shots, which they do last at the office we go to, she laid there and let them willingly administer them. I was by her head just holding her and telling her how brave she was. She did cry, but who wouldn't, so that was heart breaking. She did not fight or freak out which was a relief. I'm not sure I would've had it in me to fight her to get them done, so I praise God for giving her the strength to be such a brave little honey. She ended up having to have 5 shots instead of 4 as the doctor recommended a Hep A shot because we've taken her, and will possibly again, to FL and apparently that's a must for taking them south. I figured why not get it done now instead of going back at a later date. Anyway, we survived the shots and won't need anymore for a long while, thankfully. We had a great time at Target and she picked out a cute little Hello Kitty watch as her "brave" award!
I'll end now with her stats:
42 1/2 inches which I think was the 75th percentile
She weighed in at 40lbs. 8oz. and that, I believe, was the 90th percentile.
The percentiles could be reversed as they didn't write it on my sheet so I'm just going by what I was told and can't exactly recall what went with what. I guess I could've went online, but don't really care all that much as she is exactly where she needs to be and is growing just great.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Kooper Bryan!

We love you more than you know!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Slip'n Slide

She LOVE'S it!

He does NOT!
And Kooper, well, he wouldn't even try it!

It's a cheap way to spice up the summer if you are into it!

Family Fun!

Today my sibling's came for lunch and we enjoyed a fun afternoon together. Bree and Kyle head back to FL tomorrow so it was nice to spend some qt together.
The kids had a blast playing with Auntie Bree and Ash and also Uncle Kyle. Uncle Chuck took off for some motorcycle riding on this beautiful day before we headed outside to play. I'm sure the kids would've been crawling on him, as well, had he of stuck around.
Horsey rides on Uncle Kyle are great because he's super tall!
Hanging on tight!
We'll miss Uncle Kyle and Auntie Bree, but know they'll be back for Christmas before we know it!

So Sweet

Another pic from our night at the beach that I couldn't resist posting!

My plan was to get a nice one of Kooper, which I had no luck in accomplishing, but they did allow me this sweet pose. It's moments like this that are heart melting to me. It would've been great if Kolter would've been in on it. He was too busy frolicking in the sand. Next time.

Kolter + Icecream Sandwich = One Messy Boy!

Swing built for two!

Last Sunday evening we headed to the beach for a little family stroll and had to visit the swings before we headed for home. The boys very much enjoyed the swing built for two.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

15 Months Already

Our little honey boy is 15 months today!
It's nuts to me to think that when Kennedy was just 15 months, Kooper was born. She seemed like such a big girl at the time and Kolter seems like such a baby still. I couldn't imagine bringing a new baby home now. I guess that could be because he's our last, Lord willing that is, and so I baby him more than I did my first. I guess it also makes me realize that although I thought she was a big girl, she really was still such a baby at just 15 months. All that aside, we are having a blast with Kolter at this age. He is just so much fun and such a sweet, happy, active child. He is fearless, which is scary, and loves to do, or attempt anyway, anything that his big brother or sister can do. He can climb up our swing set all on his own and slide down the slide without any help. He also loves to stand on top of anything he can climb on, before getting caught that is, and will proceed to jump if he's not up too high. (the little picnic table, a little tikes chair- no fear) This totally freaks me out and, knock on wood, thankfully he hasn't been hurt. I think he follows his brother's lead as Kooper is pretty active himself. Dancing is also another favorite activity of his lately. It cracks us up every time when he gets his dance on. I should really get that on video. The Boom Boom Pow (edited version) is his current favorite. Mowing the yard with daddy is another activity that he loves. He'll cry and whine at the door if he doesn't get to go. Pretty much anything he can do with dad he enjoys. He's turned into quite the daddy's boy when dad's home. He adores his brother and sister, too. The other night Kenz spent the night with my parents and about an hour or so before bedtime he was walking through the house, as if looking for Kenz, and was saying sis go with this hmm look on his face. It was super cute. His vocabulary is increasing daily it seems. I haven't actually counted all the words he can say, but my current fave is oh baby. Another that I need to get on video. Today we went for his well child check up and that was a treat. He started crying as soon as we entered the room. Apparently he knows he doesn't like the doctor's office. He had herpangina two weeks ago so we were just there. That's the only thing I can think else he has a really good memory from his last encounter with shots. Anyway, he cried our entire visit. The cool part was that his cry didn't seem to change when he got his shots so they must not have bothered him too bad. He was back to his happy self as soon as we walked out of the office. I'll end now with his stats :
Height was 31 3/4 which put him in the 75th percentile
Weight was 23 lbs. 9 oz which is the 30th percentile
All and all he's still growing great!
We praise God for 15 wonderful months with our sweet little love!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

John Ball Zoo

On Friday we spent the entire day as a family and headed to the zoo to start off our day. A lot of people had the same idea as us as the zoo was pretty packed. We were still able to see everything though and had a great time. The kids loved all the animals and such. They also got their arms painted and thought that was pretty cool. Kennedy said she enjoyed the penguins the most and Kooper liked the tiger and the snakes best. Kolter, well, he liked all of it, I think, as well. Maybe next year he'll be able to vocalize what his favorite part was. We spent a few hours there and the kids crashed on the way home after a yummy picnic lunch. All the walking must have tired them right out. After their naps we headed over to the O'Connors for a yummy fish cookout and ended our night with the fireworks at Kollen's Park. Overall it was a busy, yet great, day spent as a fam. Hoping everyone had a fun 4th of July!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Aquatic Fun

Yesterday morning we headed to the Aquatic Center for a fun morning. The kids woke up and spent the first hour doing nothing but arguing so I knew we needed to get out of the house or I might loose my mind. For those of you with multiple children you know how much fun playing referee is and how trying it can be. For those of you with none or just one, well, you just wait. Someday you'll know what I'm talking about. Fun in the water was the perfect escape! The kids, as well myself, had a blast. After playing in the water we hit the pizza hut buffet for a yummy lunch. Playing hard and full bellies equate to great great naps by all. Needless to say the remainder of of afternoon/evening went great. No more bickering, that I recall anyway, so the pool was exactly what we needed!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cheese Ball

This is the face he pulls whenever I try and snap a pic of him.
Total cheese ball face.
Gotta love it!

Fun, Fun!

Last Friday Emma came and spent the afternoon with us and we had a great day. We spent the entire afternoon at my mom's pool, as it was hotter than hot, and the girl's got their swim on. They were like little fish. They kept one another well entertained by talking about their up coming shots for preschool, (it's so fun listening in on their conversations) and by having a very elaborate poolside tea party. I think they played inside for about a half hour and the rest of the time they spent poolside and in the water. It was a great day. I was even able to relax, so that was wonderful. Looking forward to many more sunny filled, hot summer, poolside days.

Speedo babes!
They looked like twins in their their almost matching life jackets. Too cute!
I had to sneak one in of Kolter, too, just because.
He's another little water rat.
Kooper, on the other hand, is not. He pefers the kiddie pool.

Who would've thought..

That a sump pump in a bucket would be SO much fun!

This pressurized pump provided some entertainment for Kenz the other day when Bryan got it out to test it. The water was straight from the hose so needless to say it was freezing. She couldn't get enough of it and as soon as it stopped she'd have about a minute before it'd spray again. Good fun! It was hilarious to watch so, of course, pictures were a must.