Sunday, September 21, 2008

Future Farmer?!

Saturday Night

Last night the VanDerMeulen's came over to hang out for a bit after supper. We did happen to venture down to the Dipper for a little dessert. The kids had a great time together, as usual, and we very much enjoyed our time as well. It's always fun spending time with friends.
Best buds~ Bella and Kenz
Walking with their dad's...
Kooper was a mess, but did enjoy his cone nonetheless.
Avery giving me a big "cheese" smile!
After they got into their pj's they decided to get into Kennedy's makeup. Bright blue was the color of choice. And when you're 3, you put it on everywhere. :-)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

End Of Summer Steal

After many months of eyeing this lovely monstrosity of a swing set we can officially say it's ours and good to go in the backyard. The best part is that we purchased the display model so not only did we save $300, we also saved hours and hours of assembly time. We talked to a guy up the street, with the identical set, and he said he had 36 hours into assembling his. That doesn't sound like much fun now, does it? We did have to get it off the trailer and Bryan's done some minor tweaking, but other than that it was good to go. We thank our friends, family, and neighbors for helping get it off the trailer and into position on Thursday night. That was a sight, but unfortunately I didn't grab the camera as there was too much going on. The kids are absolutely LOVING it!! I don't think we could have picked a better weekend, weather wise, to break it in. Thanks, Lord, for such a gorgeous September. Yesterday Logan and Brooklyn came over to play so the other boy in a couple of the following pics is our friend Logan.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Honey

Our happy little honey hit the 5 month mark on Monday. Despite the fact that he's been a bit under the weather due to a nasty little cold he still tries his hardest to be as happy as he can be by constantly smiling and cooing. I think he fights for attention sometimes as he tries to babble/squeal over the other two. It's actually quite cute. He's also teething so we're still dealing with nonstop drool. Fun, fun! His bottom ones are in so now it's time for the top ones. He's going to have the fang look for awhile, like his big sissy did, as the ones next to the front top two have poked through while we're still working on the others. He's by far my earliest teether though so I'm not thinking it'll be long before those are in as well. He's also working on sitting while unsupported. We're close, but not quite there yet as he's a little wobbly. I'm hoping before his 6 month pics he'll be good and steady. Other than that not a whole lot else is new. He's still our happy little love and just a true blessing!

Boys And Their Toys

Bryan was so excited that he finally got his new cart all put together that he couldn't wait to take it for a ride. It is raining this morning so he was soaked when he got back. He kinda forgot about all the puddles! He was grinning from ear to ear so I'm thinking he enjoyed it nonetheless.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

When you're the baby...

your big brother and sister do whatever they want to you!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Dancing Diva

Kennedy started her first day of dance class today and really enjoyed it! I'm still struggling with the fact that my baby girl is old enough to take dance. She is taking a Wee Steps class at W.E. Dance Academy which consists of tap, ballet, and tumbling. It was bittersweet for me today because it was the first time, other than her class at church, that I've had to leave her with someone other than a friend or family member in 3+years. This is good though because it's preparing me for the preschool/school years in which she'll have to leave me for longer than just an hour. :-) She was cute as a button today in her little leotard and ballet and tap shoes. She had a little skirt on too but took it off as the other girls weren't wearing them. So far there are only two other little girls in her class so I know she's getting lots of good focused instruction. I'm looking forward to the seeing what she learns over the year.
On a side note if you're wondering about the gash smack in the middle of her forehead, well, she walked into daddy's go-cart, which was up on a table in the garage, and she got the bad end of the deal. Thankfully other than the gash all else is/was okay.

Park Play

Last night we took our typical Sunday night family walk and ended up at The Grove so that the kids could play for a bit. Grandpa and grandma Rotman surprised us by meeting us there so that was a fun treat. It also marked a first for Kolter as he took his first ride down the slide. After a few trips down he seemed to really like it. Before long he'll be cruising down on his own just like his big sister and brother!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Our last hurrah of the summer!

We spent the last week on vacation at Shanty Creek Resort in Belliare, MI. Home of Schuss Mountain for those whom are into skiing. We had a great week! We vacationed with my parents so, with great company aside, it was like vacationing with a nanny, chef, maid and chauffeur. Could life get any better? Seriously though they were awesome and we are very thankful for them and how much they spoiled us! It was a little hard coming home to reality where we have to take care of everything. :-) It truly felt like a vacation for both Bry and I. The resort was just gorgeous as was our condo. We had perfect weather and the place was pretty dead as we were there on what is considered off season. It was great as it seemed at times like we had the whole resort, pools included, to ourselves. We spent countless hours at the pools, both indoors and out, so the kids had a blast! Kennedy learned to swim on her own. Well, with the help of swimmies, but without holding onto us, so we were very proud of her. She was proud of herself too. It was so fun watching her go about wherever she wanted in the pool. All and all it was a great week. Thanks again mom and dad for a great week!! We praise God too for the great weather, safety and the memories we made while away.
Views from our decks/balconies...

Let the party begin!! We celebrated Bry's b-day once again. This time with party hats.

Torch Lake
The water here is just gorgeous!

You can see the bottom as it's super clear!

Attempting a family pic with no such luck. It is what it is these days. :-)

Icecream break....

Enjoying the resorts indoor pools...

Enjoying Disc Golf
Even Kolter has a baby disc!
Kooper's sweet throw!

Enjoying the outdoor pool!

Random Kid Pics

He thinks he can feed himself.

Our little poser.