Saturday, December 19, 2009

Frosty and Batman

Meet the newest members of the Rotman clan ~ Frosty and Batman.
Our very first family pets. :)

Preschool Christmas Gathering

Yesterday I was able to spend an hour with Kennedy at school and had some fun making Christmas crafts and doing some activities with her. It was a special treat and I can't wait until the next time as it's such a blessing watching your child learn and engage with others. It's also a great way to get to know her classmates and their parents a little better.
At our first table we made a nice, lift the flap, book.
The girl's had fun creating their books and making them their own.
Anna, Lauren, Kennedy and Audrey.

Making Gingerbread Houses.
Once finished they were able to fill their bags with candy.
Kennedy was even sweet enough to share with her brothers and cousin when we got home.
I think all enjoyed the sweets inside.

Time to decorate cupcakes. Such fun!

Kennedy and her friend, Audrey.

All frosted and decorated and ready to be eaten.

Showing off the darling necklace we made.

Mrs. Genzink

Mrs. VerKaik

I very much enjoyed my one on one time with my special girl.

Dancin' Darlins'

Kennedy is in her second year of dance which consists of tap and ballet. On Thursday night we were able to go and watch our little dancer in action and oh what a treat that was. She is doing great and really enjoying dance. We are looking forward to the celebration recital in June when she will be on stage dancing to Cotton Eyed Joe. Can't wait. Here are some pics of her and her friends dancin' it up.

The girls with their teacher, Miss Hannah.

Bountiful Blessings

And this lovely doe makes deer #3 for Bryan this year.
Needless to say God has been good and we won't go hungry this winter. :) Bryan shot this doe last Saturday on his way out to the woods. That's right, he wasn't even yet in his stand. Praising God for a bountiful and safe hunting season as he is now all tagged out in MI. I say that because he still has a tag for Ohio that has yet to be filled. Stay tuned as a return trip is in the works.

Bakers Man

This little bakers man just loves to help me in the kitchen.
Licking the spoon is his favorite part!

Boxcar Buddies

Who would've thought a simple box could be so entertaining?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Cookies

On Sunday we gathered with our life group for a little pizza making and cookie decorating family night. The Yount's have the prefect setup for entertaining and hosting a houseful of people. We had a good time and enjoyed some great fellowship with wonderful friends and also enjoyed some delicious food. Thanks again for a fun night.
The decorating begins. My kids LOVED the frosting so we had to watch them carefully not to lick off the spoon that was in the frosting bowl. I think we went through a good amount of spoons.
Kennedy and Jacee.

Kolter even got into it.

A houseful= lots of fun!

Thanks again for a fun night!
The kids ask daily to decorate cookies now. :-)

Getting ready for Christmas!