Sunday, January 16, 2011

Enjoying the Winter Wonderland

Now that it's winter and the ground is covered with snow we try and venture out as much as we can to enjoy the fresh brisk air and rid some pent up energy.  This is the first year that all gloves and boots seem to stay on all three kids.  That makes outdoor play a tad more enjoyable and the work of bundling all up worth it.  We went sledding as a family for the very first time and had a blast.  All three even went down the hill on their own so we were super proud of their braveness.  I admit I was a bit shocked to see Kolter go down on his own, but he LOVED it.  Sledding was lots of fun, even for us.  You forget how good of a workout trucking up and down the hill is and how much you laugh.  Good, good memories.  Praising God for the memories made as we enjoy moments together in the winter wonderland.


Kolter's LOVE for eating snow cracks me up. 
This is pretty much how you'll see him whenever he gets outside.
It's yummy... or so he says.

Happy New Year!

 We ended 2010 with wonderful friends and enjoyed the start of 2011 with a family day.  In the afternoon we decided it'd be fun to take the kiddos bowling.  The kids had fun and enjoyed bowling for the most part.  I do think they enjoyed the video games the most.  All in all it was a great time spent together as a fam and a good way to get some of their winter wiggles out.

They had this neat ramp that the kids could use to prefect their game. 
Kolter thought it was the coolest!
He was the highest scorer of the three that day. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011