Wednesday, September 23, 2009


We headed to Crane's Orchard tonight for our annual apple picking to do. Going on a weeknight rocked as it was super dead. The only bummer is that there was no cow train or hayride for the kids. They didn't seem to mind, so we were thankful for that. They don't forget things and since we did the cow train last year, I figured that would be the first thing they wanted to do. We had a great time tonight and were even able to get in on the honeycrisp's which was exciting. Last year we waited to long and they were all picked out. Now... lots of pics of our exciting time with the apples. There were apples all over the ground and under the trees and this is one that Kolt found and picked up only to realize it had ants all over the one side of it. His face pretty much says it all. Yuck!

I know I have some of these pics on the side, but they don't incorporate in when I convert the blog to a book so that's why I'm adding them in. is amazing for you bloggers that haven't printed your blog yet.

Our little apple darlings..

Sitting so sweetly..

I think I like taking pics in the orchard more than I like picking the apples..

A little mommy and daddy time.

A trip to Crane's wouldn't be complete without donuts.

Fun in the crates..

Tractor fun..

Monday, September 21, 2009

VP Community Gathering

On Saturday afternoon we headed to Great Lakes Elementary school where our church was throwing an amazing community gathering. The entire school as well as others in the community were invited to a fun filled afternoon of food, fellowship and fun! What better way to show God's love then my loving and having fun with others. The day was beautiful and the turnout was amazing.

Face painting fun. Kooper was painted up like a tiger.
About a minute after.. he had a itch and the paint, well, it smears. Oh well.

Kenz painted up as a little kitty.

The boys.

A little water break.

Jumpy Jump fun!

All about the animals. The Critter Barn was there with all sorts of animals for the kids to hold. Kenz and Kolt enjoyed this. Koop, well, not so much.
Baby chicks...

They also had kiddie games and the kids got lots of candy. (good candy at that :-))
Overall we had a great family filled afternoon.
Thanks VP for throwing such a awesome party!

On My Big Green Tractor

Well, so, maybe it's not all that big, but it is green. The other day Kolter was enjoying one of his favorite times, mowing with daddy, when after a few rounds Bry realized he was out like a light. He looked too cute sleeping in daddy's arms ,with the muffs on, that I couldn't help but snap a pic.

Later Gator

So we scored this sweet gator from some good friends and the kids have been enjoying it almost daily. Kolter even thinks he can handle it. He gets in, petal to the plastic, and just goes. He has no concept of steering or stopping, so that's a little scary. He does think he's quite something though and watching him go has been pretty entertaining.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kennedy's First Day of Preschool

Today was a day of firsts for us as our baby girl headed off to preschool. It actually wasn't all that bad or hard as I got to go with her for an hour. It was a great way to start things off and ease into it. Friday will mark the official first day where she'll spend 2.5 hours there by herself with a classroom of new friends. I think she's going to love preschool and I can't wait to see how much she learns and grows over the school year. It seems like just yesterday we was taking her home from the hospital and now we're taking her off to school. Boy does time fly.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Camera Hams

I sometimes feel bad that the majority of the pictures I take are of Kenz and Kolt. Koop just isn't a big camera fan and these two are what I call little camera hams. Kolt will often say cheese whenever he sees me with the camera. He also likes to see the pic after it's taken. I find it funny that he's learned that at only 17mo. I guess that's what I get for having a camera in his face constantly. Kenz also loves the camera and will pretty much bust out a smile and pose without me even having to ask. So, if you're wondering we aren't purposely leaving Koop out. He just currently chooses to opt out. Someday I'm sure he'll be a ham just like these two.

Sit Back- Relax- Enjoy The Ride

Friday was Ella's first time taking a ride in the barbie jeep. Kennedy was pretty thrilled to take her- to put it mildly. Ella seemed to love it. She'd squeal when you stopped or slowed down. I'm thinking her mommy and daddy made need to find one of these for her someday. Else, I'm sure her big cousin won't mind taking her on rides whenver she can.