Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Backyard Bounce

We got a sweet deal on this jumpy jump, crazy bounce type, inflatable from a guy that Bryan works with. Needless to say the kids had a riot playing in it the other night. We figure it'll be fun for play dates, b-day parties or just a typical night outdoors.
Kooper just relaxing!
Smashing his face against the screen.
Kolter couldn't get enough of it!


Kolter's all about pointing these days...
He'll let you know what he wants by grunting and pointing most of the time. Great communication skills. In this pic he's pointing out a leaf and using two fingers to do just so.
I thought it was cute. :-)

Flippin Fun

Kenz has mastered the flip!
It's big stuff for her. I demonstrated it for her, and let me tell you, the body isn't quite as limber as it used to be. She's having fun now though that she can flip whenever she likes.

Mosquito's, Dirt and LOTS of Caterpillars

On Sunday we headed up north to my parents place which is near Hardy Dam. My aunt and uncle hosted a kabob cookout that evening so a lot of my cousins came up for the night. It was a fun little reunion. The kids had a blast as there were so many little kids for them to run around with. The mosquito's were the only buggers. Thankfully we dossed ourselves in bug spray and didn't end up too bad by the time the night was over. Kennedy kept busy catching and collecting caterpillars. They were all over the place. I really wish I would've snapped a pic of the bucket full they had of them. I bet there were dozens of them in there. I'm not a creature lover, per se, so I'm very thankful she's not scared whatsoever of bugs and such. Kooper stayed entertained with a blanket full of new toys. Well, new to him anyway. I think he played for like 3 hrs. straight just on the blanket. It worked slick as we only had two to keep a constant eye on. It's amazing how fast a group of kids can book from on spot to another in a matter of seconds. Kolter seemed to have fun just exploring and getting dirty. I've learned that up north=LOTS of dirt and really dirty kids. Thankfully a tub at the end of the night seems to clean them up, good as can be. All and all it was a fun night away.
Our little nature lover showing off her findings.
The blanket of toys that entertained Kooper.
They also had some cardboard forts that were quite a hit with the kiddos.
Kolty hanging out in the back of daddy's truck.

Memorial Weekend Fun

We had a wonderful Memorial weekend. We didn't do a whole lot on Friday night. Mostly just hung close to home and ventured to the neighbors so that the kiddos could play. They have rabbits which is good entertainment for our kids. It was pretty windy on Fri. which was perfect for kite flying. Unfortunately I never grabbed my camera so I have no pics of the rabbits or the kite flying. It was still fun nonetheless. On Saturday night we had some friends over for a little cookout/hangout night. Another perfect night for being outside, so that's where we spent most of our time. I did manage to snap a few pics. We each have three kids so it's always fun when we gather.
Kolter and Eric trying to figure out how they can escape!

Mallory and Kennedy
Taylor, Mallory and Kennedy
Us girls with our babies..
Brenda and Trista~ Me and Kolter~ Mechelle and Eric
I never realize how short I am until I see myself in pics. I must have been in a low spot. haha
We had a great time with great friends.
On Sunday we headed up north to my parents getaway until Monday.
All and all it was a great weekend.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Taste of Summer

Today sure was a great day. When the morning starts off with temps in the upper 60's you know it's going to be a good one. I believe it reached the 80's this afternoon so it was the perfect day for the pool to come out. The kids were so excited that they ended up going in with their clothes on before I had time to get their suits on. I thought they'd wait for it to warm up, but oh no. They could care less about freezing cold hose water. We enjoyed about 4+ hours outside this morning/afternoon. Our friends Emma, Logan, and Hayden came over for a playdate, and brought pizza even, so that made the day even more fun. My battery died so we have no pics of them. Next time. All and all it was a great day! We very much enjoyed the warm up and the sweet taste of summer. It won't be long and every day will be a pool day.

Warming up her baby brother.
It's moments like this that melt my heart.

Train Table Fun

Last week Bryan made a train table for the boys, for a train set that Kooper actually got her his 2nd b-day from grandma and grandpa Rotman, and it has been all they have been playing with and on. The table still isn't painted as we weren't sure how long the train set would last before they broke it. So far, it's still in tact. Well, it's not broken. He actually screwed it on there so they do dismantle it, often, and we just put it back together. Creative thinking on our part. We figure once they are done with the train we can use the table for legos. Extra wood and a handy hubby are a great combo for projects like this.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kolter's One Year Pics

Only about a month behind.. haha!!
Better late than never as these pics are super cute!
You can check out the latest and greatest by going to:
Enter site, client proofs and enter Kolter as the password.
Before you do that though go to her site, same address as above only go under blog. If you leave a comment on how stinkin cute they are then we get a free portrait.
Nice, hey?
So please leave a comment.. all you need to enter is your name and email.. easy as that!
Thanks again, Tracy. We LOVE them.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kennedy's Dance Celebration

On Saturday morning we celebrated with Kennedy at her end of the year dance celebration and couldn't be more proud of her. She went on stage in front of the very packed DeWitt Auditorium and performed "Glad to See You" as the shows opening act. The following pics were taken on Friday at the rehearsal as pics/video weren't allowed at the actual recital. Again we are so proud of our pretty little dancer. It was fun watching her perform. She had a blast too. Getting all dolled up and wearing her fancy dress was right up her alley.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tulip Time Highlights

Oh what a fun Tulip Time week it has been.

The week started off, for us, last Friday night with fireworks which was a fun family filled evening. We even caught up with some friends down there, and as always, it was fun to fellowship with them. We had a great parking spot, too, and were outta there without a hitch which is a blessing in itself as in years past we've waited in traffic for longer than we cared to.

On Tuesday night we headed down to watch some dancing and attempt some pics in the park. We were hoping for some good ones of Ella and the kids and this is what we got.

I'm thinking Jill may have been able to capture some better ones. I had my zoom- zoom lens, my oops, so I had to make do.

Here are a few more pics of the kids enjoying our time in the park.
His famous crawl.
Hmm.. I knew I could walk in wooden shoes.. I just needed a sec.

My pretty poser.
Looking like a sharp little Dutch boy.

Such a nice smile.
A sucker was the only thing that got him to sit.
He was on the go the moment you put him down.
Another sweet pose.
And another..
On Wednesday we headed to the parade. Praise God the rain held off and it turned out to be a perfect parade day. The sun was even shining. Thankfully my parents came with to help me or I don't think I would've lasted there as long as I did. Toting three kids to the parade is a lot of work. We met up with some friends and had a great time. Thanks again, Kelly, or shall I say Ryan, for saving us a spot to sit. That really worked out great.
Kooper, Emma, Kolter, and Grandma enjoying the parade.
Mallory, Kennedy, Kailyn, Michael, Ryan and Will
Kennedy and Kailyn dancing it up and having a blast!
I do see Klompen Stompen in their future.

Tonight we headed down for our last hurrah of the festival and again had a great night. Kennedy and I went with my friend Amanda and her kids while Bryan stayed home with the boys. We were able to watch grandma dance so it was a nice mother/daughter night out.