Thursday, April 29, 2010

Picture Pretty

Yesterday afternoon the kiddos got all dressed up and we headed out to a portrait party. Since they did so well for the pro I thought I'd try my hand at it seeing as they were all dressed up anyway and I'd been wanting an updated pic of all three for my blog header pic. Bribery goes a long way, let me tell you! :) They were treated to candy of their choice as soon as all the picture taking was over.
Looking forward to seeing the shots that the professional got of my precious kiddos.

My little camera ham...
Having fun snapping many of her once her hair was curled and we were ready to roll..
I think this one is my fave.. if only it were clear. Oh well.
A few more of my pretty, pretty girl...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Turkey- Turkey

My husband is the man!!!
Not only did he tote two kids out into the woods on the opening evening of his hunting season, but they also came home with a turkey. I know I had my doubts about him having success when it came to taking the kids along. I mean getting them to sit still or be quiet for more than 10 minutes isn't an easy task. He has decided to mount this turkey since it's a first for the kiddos. What a great way to spend some quality daddy/child time. The kids had as much fun as Bryan out there and couldn't wait to tell anyone who would listen about the turkey they shot.

Kolter was a tad sad the night he took Kennedy and Kooper out that Bry decided to take him out on Thursday night and help call for his brother who still hoped for a turkey. Kennedy has dance on Thursday nights so I dropped her off and buzzed the boys home so Kolt could get ready to go hunting. Kooper thought he needed to tag along as well. Bryan had a feeling the two boys together wouldn't go as smooth as it did the other night. He was right and ended up sitting in the truck with a dvd on about an hour into it. Ross rode with them and was still hoping for a bird or he would've just headed home. I can just picture it. Kolter didn't nap all that long during the day so I think lack of sleep played a role in his behavior. Needless to say after that experience Bryan has decided to wait a few more years before taking the little one along. At least we got some cute pics of the boys are suited up and ready to hit the woods.

2 Year Stats

Kolter went for his 2 year well child checkup about a week after his birthday.
He weighed in at 26lbs. 12 oz. (35th percentile) and was 35 1/4 in. tall. (75th percentile)
All checked out great and we were ecstatic to hear that his ears were infection free. We'd been battling ear infections since about Jan. The week before we left for FL he had three doses of rocephin shots that, praise the Lord, finally did the trick. I was also happy that he was up to date on all his shots and that we were able to escape pokey free. After the rounds of rocephin he hasn't been a big fan of the doctor's office. (understandably so)
Our little babe is growing so fast and quickly changing from baby to boy. (sniff) He's a handful at times but can also be the sweetest thing in the world. He's very active and loves to do whatever his big bother and sister are doing. Lately he's been into tractors. He calls everything, regardless of the color or make, I'm talking heavy equipment as well, a big green tractor. Since we live out towards the country you see several when heading anywhere. Looking out the windows and spotting big green tractors is totally his thing. Jason Aldean's big green tractor song is also a must play as soon as we get in the car. Once it's done he'll ask for it again and again. I used to like the song, but now it's just a little played out. :) Thought it was only appropriate to post some pics of our little honey enjoying some outside time on his big green tractor.
Such a little cheeseball.
Notice the shoes?!
What?! Boys can wear pink. :)
Looking good, buddy..

We love you so much, buddy.
Thanks for making us laugh all the time and for filling our lives with abundant joy.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!!!

While we were in FL over spring break not only did we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, but we also celebrated Kennnedy's 5th and Kolter's 2nd birthday's. Since the Rotman fam wasn't in FL with us we decided to have a party with them when we got home. The kids had lots of fun extending their celebrations.
Kennedy got a special bracelet from grandma and grandpa.
Grandpa helping her put it on.
So pretty.
The girl LOVES jewelry so it was the perfect gift.
A pic of Auntie Jill reading their card to Kenz.
She gets to spend a special day with them doing whatever her heart fancies.
She cannot wait!
Kolter got lots of nice gifts but this tractor was his favorite.

You can see here that he wouldn't get off his tractor even to open up more gifts.
The cakes..
Thanks again Tracy they were as delicious as they were adorable.
When asking the kids what they wanted Kenz said a dolphin cake with fireworks and Kolter said a big green tractor. Looks like we aim to please.
My beautiful 5 year old..
Kolt still not wanting to get off his big green tractor.
Blowing out the candles..
The whole fam minus Jill who was taking the pic.
After cake we played a fun little ocean game similar to pin the tail in the donkey.
They kids had fun.
It was a fun day of celebrating.
It's still nuts that my oldest is 5 already and that my baby is 2.
Thanking God for all the blessings these two bring into our family.
Looking forward to many more b-day celebrations to come.

Spring Break - Panama City Beach

As you can see we had a wonderful week in FL.