Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kolter's World

Our little honey is just 8 days shy of being 8 months. It seems like he has grown SO much in the past month. He's pretty much eating most that we do and not so much baby food these days. Other than the rice cereal and oatmeal he enjoys most of the gerber graduates fruits and veggies. Baby fishy crackers and puffs are other favorites of his. Bath time is also his favorite time of day. He splishes and splashes and would stay in there all day if we'd let him. He also learned to pull himself up onto things, such as the couch, just recently. That's a tad scary as he's not all that skilled at going back to sitting ,once he's up, so if you're not watching he'll typically fall when his legs give out. It's getting about that time when I'll wish he wore a padded helmet everywhere. You forget how accident prone they can be when learning to crawl, stand, and walk. He's not quite crawling yet but can get from here to there when he needs to. No, not the army crawl either. More of a scoot dragging one leg type thing. He can scoot backwards really fast so that's how he usually moves. I'm thinking he'll have the crawling thing mastered in less than 8 days making the 8 month mark for being an official crawler. The Christmas tree is a good incentive. His eyes light up at the sight of it. It may be the shiny ornaments and lights. He isn't really talking much. No ma-ma or da-da yet although Kenz and I swear he said ma-ma a few weeks back. It must have been a fluke as we haven't heard it since. Still just ah-goo babble and other baby sounds that sound wonderful in his language. He does do So-Big so that's been exciting for me as I've been doing that with him since birth. If you ask him how big he is he lifts his little arms above his head all on his own. It's just too cute. I think that's about it for now... we're still just enjoying every moment with him and looking forward to his 1st Christmas.
He's deep in prayer here. Just kidding~I think he was actually sneezing.
He likes to beat his spoon on the tray as it makes lots of noise. He loves noise!
Hello chunky food and bye-bye baby food.
I know this pic is blurry but I thought it was funny that he decided to try eating his tray.

Standing up like such a big boy!

So Big!!!
Not quite crawling.

Workin' Out with Dad

As I was finshing up my last post Kennedy decided she needed to move on and go check in on daddy as he was working out... when I walked in the workout room this is what I found...
Chin ups..
Pull ups...
Watching as daddy moved the bench out of the way...
Big daddy... thrilled that Kenz wanted to workout with him yet in the same breath he was thinking to himself.. I've only got one set to go and I'm all done. Tinkering with her only put a small dent into his workout window.. there will soon come a day when she'll no longer want to spend time with him so you've just got to enjoy it while you can, right?
Bench press..
She's quite the little exercise queen and sure made it look like fun... I couldn't help but grab for the camera. :-)

Pretty in Pink...

Well, more like a pink bow that is... As a parent there so many times when you look at your child/children and just marvel at there beauty... well, I do anyway. Not just their outward beauty, but the inward beauty as well, and we're reminded that God made us all beautiful in His sight. Today was one of those days... I swear I could photograph Kennedy all day long sometimes, just because she's so stinkin' cute and just a delight to capture in the moment, and not get sick of it.. Last night she slept in the green spongy rollers so her hair would be all curly for church this morning. She looked absolutely darling, that coming from a very biased mother. I just couldn't stop looking at her and telling her how beautiful she is. I'm sure I sounded like a broken record to her. When we got home from church, the boys were sleeping, so I decided to grab the camera as I couldn't get enough of her. She instantly went into model mode just posing away so I thought I'd share what I captured.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

Tis' the season to start getting in the spirit as we prepare to celebrate the birth day of our Lord so today we got out all the holiday decorations and even the Christmas tree. Before Bryan brought the decorations in, everything is stored in the attic, Kennedy decided she'd find her own special things to decorate the tree with. She was very proud of how it looked. I wasn't sure how I was going to go about taking her creation down. Thankfully I did it during nap time and when she woke up the tree was fully redecorated and she thought it was beautiful. Praise the Lord for that. I wasn't sure how that battle was going to go. :-)

Kennedy's Christmas creation:

The real deal done mommy style...
Kolter's 1st Christmas.. I'm a little scared the tree is going to come tumbling down if he gets ahold of it. We're not going to be able to leave him alone in the living room that's for sure.

Kooper was just oh so thrilled that I wanted a picture of him near the tree. :-) It was like photo day as I also nailed them this morning for another attempt at Christmas card pics. I think we were more successful this morning.
He likes the santa on the motorcycle we got for his room. He also thinks some ornaments look like carrots. It's too cute. You can look but not touch has been said a zillion times and the tree just went up. I have a feeling that'll be our newly used phrase for awhile.
Kennedy likes to tote Kolter around as much as possible. She can only do it when we're watching however. She's such a big sister and her baby brother loves her so much.
Sometimes though he likes to be left alone..
Our beautiful girl giving me a nice smile by the tree. She can't wait for Jesus' b-day party!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Just a cute clip of Kolter laughing thanks to big brother Kooper. As it is a day of thanks we thank God for healthy, giggly, children and the joy they bring us each and every day. What a true blessing that really is.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I didn't want to leave the boys out as I've been posting so much about Kenz, so here are a few pics of them... Kolter is now in his high chair so these are pics of that. We had him in the bumbo, in the middle of the table typically when we ate, but he has go-go gadget arms so that was end of that. So far he's enjoying his new seat.

This is of Kooper playing Flipping Frogs. A very fun, yet very hard game. I can't even master it. He just likes to put the frogs on the tree so we sort of create our own game. I think he even incorporated car blue into the mix. One of his favorite cars. He must be jumping the tree or something. We had lots of fun playing this on Sat. As he won't look at my camera I didn't get too many of him so we'll just end it on that note. I'm confident that someday he won't hate the camera.

The Accident

Since I'm on a Kennedy kick I figure why not one more story... on Saturday, opening day, Bryan spent most of the day in the woods. He came in for lunch, after being woods bound all morning, from like 1-2:30 and was gone again until 6ish.. He still hasn't got a deer for those whom are curious. There's still time. :-) Anyway, the kids and I were home bound all day which was a nice change of pace. It was yucky out and we had no reason to leave so we just played at home and were lazy all day. When Bryan came home for lunch they were just elated. Makes him very much enjoy coming home when all the kids are ecstatic to see him. Kennedy was so happy that she started dancing and spinning in the kitchen. Next thing we knew she was on the floor. As she was spinning and dancing about she slid on the floor and had an accident with the cupboard and/or edge of the counter. Needless to say she didn't win. I freaked out, as I typically do when one of kids gets hurt, so it's a good thing big daddy was home and came to the rescue. She has a nice bruise and scrape under her eye. Praise the Lord it was below the actual eye. She's tough though and after some loving from daddy she was go to go again.

Daddy makes everything all better!!


I'm sort of a picture freak and with Christmas soon approaching I've been a tad snap happy attempting to get some cute ones for a potential Christmas card. Getting a cute shot of all three together is next to impossible so I thought lets just take some of each child and go from there. Kennedy and Kolter are alright with me having the camera in their face but Kooper hates it. Thankfully last night we went for family pics with Bryan's family and were able to have some taken of our family as well. I'm hoping perhaps one of those will suffice for our Christmas card. Originally Tracy was going to do ours but the weather didn't prevail when we originally planned to have them taken and now it's a tad cold to attempt them outdoors so I opted for plan B. I thought though that I'd share some cute ones I took of Kenz the other day. She has so many faces that I didn't want to keep them to myself...

She also has a tongue fetish... pretty much there's always a pic where she's showing it off whenever I get snap happy. I think she just likes to see it once the pic is taken...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Month 7

Kolter Scott is 7 months old today. It's nuts to me to say that because it seems like just yesterday we brought him home from the hospital. Time sure flies by. Not a whole lot has changed developmentally or physically in the past month. We're still battling an ear infection so that hasn't been much fun. I took him to the doctor again yesterday because the antibiotic was gone and he was still tugging at his left ear. Sure enough it's still infected so we got a stronger one to try for the next 10 days. I'm praying that does the trick and we're back to good here soon. We thought he was on the mend but not quite yet apparently. Even though he's in pain he still surprises us every now and then with his sweet smiles and cute little laughs and giggles. He wants so bad to be happy and we want so bad for him to be pain and ear infection free again. Here are a few pics I took of our growing boy this week while we were able to enjoy the gorgeous, unseasonable like, weather.