Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kennedy goes to Kindergarten

The day we'd been anticipating was finally upon us... KINDERGARTEN!!
Kennedy had a wonderful first day and can't wait to head back to school tomorrow.
She came home with lots and lots of stories.. praying this enthusiasm for school continues throughout the years. Thought I'd share some pics from her very first day of school.

The boys didn't want to be left out so we snapped a few with them and their big sis.

The spot where lots of kiddos had their pic taken today..
We met up with our cousin Jaiden in the drive and Kennedy was thrilled to be able to walk in with her. I think these two are going to be quite the pair this year. How fun that they are in the same class. Going in with a buddy makes it a tad easier.
Finding their classroom..
And their seats and name tags..
All ready for a fun and exciting year..
Praying Mrs. Borgman can handle a classroom of 20 little sweeties. :)

Cashed OUT!

Rarely ever happens where Koop falls asleep in the van anymore..
Poor thing was OUT!!
It's nuts how they can fall asleep in virtually any crazy position. :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Big Boy!!!!

Bye, Bye Baby Crib.. Hello Big Boy Bed!
Our sweet Kolter is now sleeping in a big boy bed and we couldn't be more proud.
I do admit that taking the crib down and selling it was bittersweet. It had been a permanent fixture in our house for the past 5 years. Kolter is doing great and loving his sports themed room. The other two are loving it too. They've been playing nonstop in it. Kind of fun! We converted our office into a room for him so now all three have their own rooms. Pics of the total room makeover will be posted once all the finishing touches are complete.
Night one went great so here's to hoping the rest is smooth sailing..
I thought I'd share some pics of our Big Boy since he looked so cute all cozied up and ready for bed..
All ready for his story and prayers..

Back 2 School

I can hardly believe that tomorrow is the start of the school year.
It seems like not that long ago we were saying goodbye to the end of the preschool year. What a fun and fast summer we had.. they sure pass quickly. WOW. Today we headed to school to meet Kennedy's teacher and to check out her classroom. We found her seat and also did a fun little scavenger hunt within the class. Bedtime came nice and early tonight in prep for her big day tomorrow. I can't believe my baby girl is going to be a kindergartner. I'll do my best to hold back the tears when I drop her off tomorrow. I took a few pics today because I didn't know how crazy tomorrow morning would be at school. I'm sure I'll tote my camera along but just in case I took a few today. Above is a picture with her teacher, Mrs. Borgman. I think Kennedy is going to love her. She has such a sweet and loving nature about her and that's just based on a couple of encounters. We are very much looking forward to a fun year. Kennedy is beyond geeked that she will be in kindergarten.
This is where she'll hang her backpack..

A glimpse of the classroom.
Mrs. Borgman was taking a picture of her while I snapped this.
Tomorrow's the BIG day..
Wishing all a happy school year full of lots of new and exciting adventures.

Mackinac Island

A couple weeks back Bryan and I were able to getaway for a weekend and headed to Mackinac Island. We had a wonderful weekend. My dear friend was getting married on the Island that weekend so when plans for this came about we decided to celebrate our 8 year wedding anniversary while away. Our anniversary was in June so only a month or so belated. Neither of us have ever stayed on the Island so it was a treat for both.

We very much enjoyed the ferry ride over and had lots of fun goofing around and taking all the sights in. We stayed at the Island House so it was a short little walk once we got off the ferry. I couldn't get over how cute the little town was. We had an enjoyable evening hanging on the front lawn with my friend Laura and her fam. It was the perfect way to settle in for the night. On Saturday we decided to do a little exploring before the wedding started in the afternoon. We rented a tandem bike and had lots of fun on our tour.

We also ventured to the Arch Rock which was a neat landmark to see.

Wedding time..
Mr. and Mrs. Beckett
The wedding was just gorgeous.
Small, intimate, and just perfect.
I was very thankful we were able to celebrate their special day with them.
The reception was also a blast and done up with style.
Laura does flowers for True Vine so everything was detailed to the max.

The beautiful bride and I..
Wishing the Mr. and Mrs. nothing but a lifetime of love and happiness...
Mackinac will definitely be someplace we frequent again. I even think the kids would have a blast there. Very thankful we were able to get away and celebrate our 8 years of wedded bliss and also celebrate the beginning of Laura and Brett's.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Camping Adventures

Since I've been a bit of a blog slacker I'm going to kill two birds with one stone and post some pics from our last two camping adventures in one post. A week back we headed to Wabasis Lake Campground with 6 other families and a total of 17 kids. We had a great week.
Some of the girls playing mom and taking Tyler for a walk.
Kennedy and Lexi ready for a bike ride.
We spent every day beaching it.
The daddy's didn't come out until Sat. so this was the one day we spent beachin' it with them. Us mom's enjoyed the break.

Kennedy and her friend Taylor all covered in sand.

Kooper was a water rat the week we were at Wabasis.
He wanted daddy to throw him ~ which was a first~ and had a blast doing it over and over again.

Beach babes..

Fun with some edible crafts..
Miley, the cutest little puppy, got lots of attention all week.

We did some tie-dye shirts one morning and had to take a pic of all the kiddos once the shirts were ready to be worn. This is the pic of our crew minus two kids.
Kennedy and Chloe
There was one spot of dirt on our site that they boys spent lots of time playing in.

Prior to our week at Wabasis we camped at Oak Grove with three other families and also had a wonderful week.
Kennedy and Garrett
It did rain on and off so the kids had a blast biking and running through the puddles.

A little fire time and some s'mores..

We also spent lots of time at the pool...
Jenna, Kennedy and Emma hamming it up before jumping in.

Our fam at the State Park..
The whole gang minus Jason..
Great times and great memories were had during both of our last camping adventures.