Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Field Trip Fun

I had the privilege of tagging along with Kooper's class on a field trip and had a blast at Horizon Gymnastics.  Kooper had a blast with his buddy Gannon.  These two were quite the pair that day.  Kooper loved all the things they got to do at Horizon but said his favorite part was the foam pit.  He loved it so much he asked if he could take gymnastics.  Guess we may have to look into that.  A fun morning was had by all.
Surfing in the sea of foam.

Halfway through the obstacle course.

A little tramp time. 
 Kooper will tell you this isn't a tramp.  I think that's primarily because it doesn't look like your typical outdoor tramps.  :)

With Mrs. D on the beams..

Sitting nicely and listening to the instructor explain all the fun they are about to have.
I thought it was cute that he's trying to hold Gannon's hand.
All the kiddos after an hour of fun..

Blizzard of 2011

The best part of blizzard 2011 was two snow days and lots of fun in the deep, deep snow.


Kennedy and Bitty dressed alike and ready for church.  She was super excited to sport their matching outfits.  She took Bitty along to church and also to show and tell, later in the week, at school.  Funny thing is Bitty isn't new and neither are the outfits. :)  She just now thinks it's cool for them to dress alike, I guess.  She said 'the boys dress alike, mom, and I really need a sister so you can dress us alike too.' 
I'm thinking Bitty is the sister she'll never have.

Like father, like son..

Kolter thought he was quite something pretending to shoot daddy's new crossbow. 
 (I'm sure this was a happy moment for daddy too)

Dressing Up

Kennedy and Kolter we're playing ever so sweetly one day.  When I went to check on them this is what I found.  Looks like big sis can get him to wear about anything.  She always wanted a sister. :)

Turkey Heads

Project boat is still underway so the kiddos spend lots of time out in the garage with daddy while he is working on it.  This particular night they decided to sport turkey decoys as hats.  Gotta love it!!