Monday, April 20, 2009


This morning Bryan, and his brother Ross, ventured out for the turkey opener on this cold, rainy day and Bryan came home a happy hunter.
The Big Tom weighed about 30lbs. had a ten inch beard and 1 -1/8in. spurs.
Praise God for a good morning in the woods.

Family Night Fun

About once a month we gather with the Rotman fam for family night. We typically just order pizza, let the kids play, and catch up. Since the we were blessed with such beautiful weather over the weekend my father in law thought having a campfire would be fun so that's exactly how we spent family night. Campfire, hobo's, hot dogs and s'mores. It sure was a perfect night. The kids had a blast too and enjoyed being able to run free. Enjoying the fire made us all feel like summer and camping season is near. It won't be long..
Riding her bike..
A ballgame, anyone?!
The cousins getting ready to eat.
Ella was there, too, but she was snuggled up all cozy with her daddy as it did cool off some.
Koop and Carley all buddy-buddy..
Bryan and the kids..
Wrestling with him was a highlight...
Enjoying the fire..
Kolter enjoying his first marshmallow..
Thinking he's quite something in the camp chair..
I think he's saying it as I snapped this pic. It's one of his favorite words to say..
Enjoying a graham crackers..
Roasting marshmallows..
She burned most but had fun nonetheless..
Grandpa warming up Kolty's piggies..
These two were quite the pair..
Again thinking he's big stuff..

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Little Stinker..

These pics pretty much speak for themselves other than the fact that he wasn't ever strapped in and thankfully he wasn't left unattended. My camera was also right there. Our little sweetie has no fear. :-)

Our Dancer In Action

Last Monday was observation day in Kennedy's dance class so we were able to watch our little dancer in action for about an hour. It was neat to see how much she's improved and learned since the last observation day in October. We are looking forward to the year end recital which is now less than three weeks away. We are so proud of Kenz and it's a delight to watch her dance.

Better Late than Never- Easter Sunday

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday filled with delicious food and good family filled company. It was a beautiful day and we were even able to spend some of it outdoors which was nice because the weather prior to Easter Sunday hadn't been all that Spring like. Sharing with you some pics of our day.

Kennedy and Ella..
Not sure why she looks like she's trying to bite Ella's ear here?!
Ella and Kolter..
Their bald heads make them look a little alike.

Enjoying the beautiful day..
The wagon was lots of fun..
Kolter and grandpa Rotman
Pushing Kolter on the broken quad..
He thought he was big stuff!!
Playing a little golf..
A trike ride..
I was even taken for a ride..
What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon?!On Resurrection Sunday we give thanks that Jesus has risen and we thank God once again for sending His Son, to die, for OUR sins. What a sacrifice that truly was.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Hunt Was On

Last night, when the kiddos were tucked peacefully in bed, Bryan and I did a little egg hiding. The kids were given buckets and were able to find the hidden eggs when they woke up this AM. Last night we also did this Easter story cookie thing with the kids right before bed. Thanks Auntie Jill for the email with the details for the idea. The craft went as well it as it could with a 4 and 2 year old as sharing the Easter story on a level that they'd understand is somewhat tough. It will be a good one to do each year though and in a couple years they'll hopefully have a better understanding of the meaning of Easter. What was so cool is that last night before they went to bed we taped up, sealed, the oven like the guards sealed the tomb where Jesus' was buried, and when the kids woke up this morning that's the first place the kids ran to, passing by all the eggs that we had hidden They couldn't wait to see what happened to our cookies. And to think we didn't think they were taking in anything we discussed about the Easter story. God is good and we are so thankful that Jesus died on that cross for us. After the continuation of our story about the resurrection of Jesus we enjoyed our now hollow cookies and proceeded on with the egg hunt. The kids had fun searching for hidden eggs. The eggs were filled with candy bars so that's always a sweet treat.
Taking a moment from the hunt to enjoy a treat.
Hmm.. how many do I have?!
One was even hidden in the doll house.
A whole bucket full of eggs..
Kolter had fun taking the eggs in and out of the bucket.
He also thought the bucket made for a slick little hat.
Bucket head..
Kooper and Kennedy thought bucket head was funny so they had to try it for themselves as well.