Friday, December 17, 2010

Party Time!

Today was a super fun, yet super busy, morning for us.  Both Kennedy and Kooper had school Christmas parties at the exact same time.  Bryan was able to come and join the fun so each of us spent a half hour in each class.  It really worked out great and I think the kids enjoyed having each of us there.  (especially daddy)
Kennedy's class had three stations set up and one was a cookie decorating table.. 
Check out her delicious cookie. 
Bryan was lucky enough to get to eat it when he visited her class. 
At the second station the kids made darling ornaments. 
The last station was sort of a messy one. 
The kids took large pine cones and covered them with crisco and then dipped them in birdseed.  I headed to Kooper's class before seeing the completed feeder, but it is super cute.  Looking forward to hanging it outside in hopes of feeding some hungry birds. 
Kooper's class also had stations set up.  By the time I got there he and Bry had covered most of them so Kooper and I were able to play games and just hang together. 

Playing some holiday bingo.. 
We also did this with Kennedy's class. 
Kooper with his awesome teachers Mrs. Genzink and Mrs. Verkaik. 
What a blessing it is to have such great teacher leading our children.  It's been wonderful having them for the past two years.  I'm gonna miss the break next year.  One more year until Kolter is ready for preschool. 
Kennedy's teacher's are also a blessing. 
 Mrs. Mulder is the aide in Kennedy's class and someone that Kennedy talks about often. 
Last but not least, Mrs. Borgman. 
What a fun filled way to end the school day!!
Not sure the kids even realize that they won't have school for the next two weeks.  I'm certain all will enjoy the break.  Looking forward to even more celebrations over the next week.  'Tis the season for lots of parties!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gingerbread Fun

Tonight we tapped into the Gingerbread kit we picked up and created the most darling Gingerbread House.  The kids had as much fun sampling the toppings as they did designing the house.  Overall it was a fun little family project. 

Kolter with a mouthful while the rest of us are decorating away. 
 He did help on occasion but was way more into the stealing the candy. :)
Koop was quite the designer but also enjoyed dabbling in the frosting.
His hmm face.
I love all the festive family time we've been able to fit in before the busyness of all the parties begin.

Beach Party

So yesterday Kennedy and Jaiden decided it was the perfect day for a beach party.  They didn't seem to mind that it's the middle of winter and had a blast pretending they were beach bound.  It was so cute watching them get all set up and using their imagination. The whole beach scene entertained them for a good couple of hours.  The boys even joined in and sported suits when they woke up from their naps.  If only their pretend play was reality..  warmth and sun sounds heavenly.

Feelin' the Zeel

Last night we headed downtown for a little family fun.  The kiddos had their pic taken with Santa, we enjoyed some treats from the candy store and ended the night with a horse-drawn trolley ride.  The best part is that all of it was free.  What better way to Feel the Zeel?!  A good, yet slightly chilly, night was had by all. 

Jingle Jog

On Tuesday we headed to school in the AM to watch Kennedy run in the Jingle Jog.  The Jingle Jog is a tradition at ZCS where the kids from K-5 run for a full 12 minutes.  The children are asked to find sponsors and the money donated during the jog goes to help their partner school in the Philippines.  It was a great cause and a great morning.  We were super proud of our fast little Jingle Jogger and for all the support donated to help those in the Philippines.
 Getting ready..
The jog is on..
As you can see Kennedy dressed in holiday style for the event.. 
Bryan and the boys jogged for a few rounds..   

All done and even a tad sweaty...  what a great way to start the day!! 
One last snapshot as they headed back to class.. 
Very proud of all the joggers.. 

Christmas Pics