Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wedding Day Fun!

On Saturday, 6/20, we celebrated with my sister and Charlie as they became husband and wife. It was a gorgeous day, praise the Lord, and their wedding was absolutely perfect. With it being a beach wedding you never know how it's going to end up especially with the flooding we had the night before. It was one of the most fun weddings I've ever been to. Kenz and I were both in it so that added to the fun as it was a day we looked forward to for sooo long. We thank God for bringing Ashley and Charlie together and look forward to many fun years ahead.
Mr. and Mrs. Mason
and the rest of the wedding party!

Kenz was the perfect little flower girl.
She loved every minute of it. From our pedicures to getting our hair done, she couldn't wait to get into her dress and be totally princessed out.
We had some pics taken at a park after the wedding and she went right to the playground.
We let her enjoy herself as it was such a big day for her.
Loving the bouquet.
She stole mine every chance she could and insisted that it was hers. Had we of known we may have opted to make her a junior bride rather the flower girl. She did awesome throwing petals though when it was time. When that was over it was back to mommy's bouquet and anyone else's she could get her hands on.

My other sister is marrying next June so all three of us will be June brides.
Kinda fun!

Bree and Russ are both in from out of state.
It was nice having us all together.
Me and my beautiful baby girl.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pretty Piggers

Tonight was a great mother/daughter night!
Kennedy, my mom and I headed out for pedicures. One of my favorite treats so it's only right that I share it with my daughter. This was Kennedy's first salon pedi and she loved it! My mom does pedi's on her quite often but tonight was special as we all got our toes done at the same time. The workers had fun with Kenz and thought she was the cutest. They did an awesome job, too, and dolled up her toes with pretty little flowers and polka dots. Perfect flower girl toes, if you ask me. She said that next time, yes she's planning on that already, we also need to get manicures. In this instance having just one daughter is a blessing as it's a little easier on the pocketbook. :-)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Young Explorers

Today was a very exciting and much anticipated day at our house as Kennedy headed to school for the very first time. She, along with her best gal pal Emma, are attending the Young Explorer's Camp at South Side Christian this week. It's part of the enrichment program and is geared for preschoolers. They had so much fun today and came home with some exciting stuff and lots of stories. They had a 'Cook it Up' class where they made four yummy treats and also a "Ooey Gooey' science class where they made some ooey gooey slime. Kennedy said that school was lots of fun and that she enjoyed playing with Emma all morning long. She can't wait for morning to come so that she can see Emma again and go to school. I pray that she has this much excitement for school when fall actually nears. The only bummer might be that Emma wouldn't be at the same preschool as her. We'll cross that bridge when the time comes, I guess. I must say that I did really well sending her off today. Tonight when I tucked her into bed it did hit me that my baby is growing up and that was a bittersweet feeling.
If only they stayed little just a tad bit longer....
Kennedy and Emma all ready for class.
Showing off their pans of goodies..
While the girls were in school the boys enjoyed a little play date and Jami and I had fun chatting and catching up.
Next summer baby Hayden will be right in there alongside Kooper, Logan, and Kolter.

Sliding into Summer

On Sunday, as it was a gorgeous morning, we decided to fill up the pool before church so it would be warm by the time to got home in the afternoon. Bryan also decided to try putting it at the end of the slide, attached to our swing set, for some added fun. The kids couldn't wait to get their suits on when we got home. Needless to say they had a riot and it was quite entertaining to watch.
Kolter kept laughing at them..
He liked getting splashed as long as he was a safe distance away from the pool.
I think he's trying to tell them something here.
It wasn't quite so funny when daddy dipped him in.
Kennedy lounging in the pool.
and tandem at that..
Very much enjoying the slide!
It was also a blessing that no one got hurt.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Campers

Last Thursday we headed out to Holland State Park for our first camping trip of the season and had a wonderful time. We were a little unsure as to what we'd be camping in as we sold our pop-up to Terry and Tracy (who camped with us over the long weekend) on Monday and needed to find a replacement by Thursday. We had our sights set on a new trailer and unfortunately that one wasn't meant to be. Bryan's boss let us borrow theirs for the weekend so we ended up in very plush accommodations. We're still on the hunt for a new rv, so if you see or hear of any that would fit a family of five let us know. The kids had a blast camping and very much enjoyed hanging out with their friends. The Yount's were also camping so it was nice to spend some time with them as well as the VanDerMeulen's. Bryan's parents and his brother (and his fam) joined us for hobo's on Sat. night, so that was fun. Overall it was a great weekend away.

The big kids..
Kooper, Isabella, Kennedy and Avery

Terry and Tracy brought this sweet bike along that was a hit with all the kids.
Kolter really liked riding on the back.

Helmet head

Kennedy and Bella biking it.
These girl's rode and rode all weekend long.
On Friday we headed to the beach for a bit in the afternoon.
Kolter couldn't get enough of throwing sand.
The water was a chilling 48 degree's, but the kids didn't seem to mind.
Levi digging as Kolter watches on.
Kooper pretty much stayed content playing with the Yount's sand toys..
Brrr.. that water is cold.
Lovin the sand..
Chillin in Ave's camp chair
Just a little static.
Sweet girls with their matching piggy's.