Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Last week we ventured to Crane's for a little family night of apple picking. This is something we've done the past few years and something we very much look forward to. It was a gorgeous night in the orchards.
The kids love finding the perfect apples.
They also enjoy sampling them.

Other than the delicious apples you get, taking pics in the orchard is another highlight for me.
So many cool props.

After all the apple picking and picture taking fun was done we headed over to the Pie Pantry for a little cider and donuts. Our little tractor lover spent every second on the old fashion tractor they have there. We literally had to pry him off when it was time to head home.

He did let Kooper on, but he wasn't allowed to drive. :)
Don't they look like they are singing in the choir in this one?
More cool props for pics so I couldn't resist. :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kooper Goes to Preschool

On Tuesday I was able to venture to school with Koop for an hour on his first official day of preschool. He was super excited and couldn't wait until it was time to go. He has Mrs. Genzink this year, who Kennedy had last year, so in away he is familiar with her and with the classroom. I think he is really going to enjoy this year!
Some before school pics of our super excited little man.

Love how big his backpack is on him. :)
Kolt needed to get in on one. :)
Super excited to have Mrs. Genzink as his teacher..
We were able to decorate his ABC box and he was proud to show it off.
We had some play time and he had fun hiding out in the fort they have in the classroom.
Praying for a fun and happy year of preschool.
Friday can't come soon enough for Koop. I think he could've done an everyday class if there was one available. :) Thrilled that both our kids seem to LOVE school. Praying this continues throughout the years.

Fishing Fun

Over Labor Day weekend we gathered with friends for a little fellowship and fishing fun.
The kids had a blast catching and releasing fish.
Kennedy wanted to hold one on her own SO bad.
Trent was all about showing off what he caught.

Taking a break and enjoying a quad ride with daddy..
Getting her baby fix. :)

Bren and I watching as the rest get their fish on.
And one with our little babes..

Quad boyz....

PJ Pals

Smiling sweeties in their coordinating pj's. :)

Got Soccer?

We've got a soccer star in the house. Kennedy started playing soccer a few weeks ago and is loving it! She was able to sign up with her best pal, Jenna, and these two are having a blast. Last week was their first game and it was a hoot to watch. Kindergarten soccer should be renamed bunch ball since all the kiddos seem to bunch up. Where there's a bunch there's a ball. It was a cold, rainy, Saturday but they didn't seem to mind. Thought I'd post some pics of practice and game highlights.

The dynamic duo!!

Girl's got moves.. :)
More of the besties..
I love how cute they look in their getup..