Monday, October 25, 2010

Bow Madness

Bryan picked up a bow for the kids on Friday and they had a blast showing off their skills and hitting the target. All of them did pretty good and can't wait to hunt with dad and take their bow along. Other than having to share the new bow has been a hit. Kooper even sported it to Kennedy's soccer game on Saturday. :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pirate's Island

The kids had the day off from school on Thursday so we met up with some friends who live in Shelbyville and headed to Kalamazoo to a place called Pirate's Island Aquatic Center. Despite getting lost to and from the aquatic center we really had an enjoyable time. The kids really loved the pirate boat. What was awesome was that the place was pretty dead so we could enjoy all without having to share with tons of other people.
Both of my little pirates enjoying the double slide.
I bet they went down it at least 50 times.
Kennedy thought it was pretty cool, too.
Kenz and Mallory taking a float down the lazy river.
All our kiddos..
There were also two water slides. 
After much coaxing I finally talked my brave girl into going down with me. I screamed more than she did. It was super fast and super fun. Kenz loved it so much we had to do it again and again. I couldn't quite convince Kooper to go down and Kolter was too little. Maybe next time.
You floated from the slide right into the lazy river.. Pretty fun!
Kolter and Eric dancing after dinner.
They had fun tropical music playing the whole time we were there.
Two of the three.
Kooper was too busy playing to stop for a pic.
A great place for lots of indoor water fun. 
I suggest going on a Thursday night since you can virtually have the whole place to yourself. 

Pumpkin Patch

A few weeks back I was able to go to the Pumpkin Patch with Kooper's class. I didn't go on this field trip when Kennedy was in preschool so it was super fun to go and spend the morning with Koop. We took a hay ride learned about pumpkins, corn, sunflowers and gourds. Kooper and I were even able to pick out a few pumpkins and gourds to take home.

The following day I went on a another field trip with Kennedy's class to the DeGraaf Nature Center. Unfortunately I left my camera in the van but we had a great morning learning all about nature an animals and our five senses.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Harvest Party

Last night we ventured over to the Kapenga's for their second annual Harvest Party. We went last year, which the kids remembered, so they couldn't wait for the party at the farm. The Kapenga's do it up good with all sorts of fun for the kiddo's. Face painting, pumpkin decorating, a candy find, hay maze, pony rides, hay ride, good food and lots of wide open space for the kid's to release all sorts of energy. Needless to say we, once again, had a great time. The weather couldn't have been better so that was an added blessing to a great evening spent with great friends.
Daddy helping Kolt and Kenz with their pumpkin decorating.
Kooper spent most of his time in the hay maze.
Tubby time later in the evening wasn't all that fun. He had TONS of tiny hay pieces all over his blonde little head.
Kolter spent about a half hour just sitting on this tractor. Cam wasn't so sure he enjoyed being in the trailer. Love his little hand gesture in this pic.
The girls sitting sweetly for a fall photo.
And then there's the diva look as they all wait patiently for a ride on the white pony.
Most of our life group was able to make it so we thought a group photo would be fun..
And one of all our kiddo's..
(or most.. Kolter and Jake aren't in this shot)
Kennedy getting her turn on Spirit..
Looks like a natural, doesn't she? Too bad we don't live on a farm.
They had this nice vintage tractor just sitting there calling our name for a picture.
Since Kolter LOVES Big Green Tractor's I thought it was only fitting.
We even let him take the wheel.

Thanks again Kapenga family for a another fun Harvest Party. Looking forward to next year!!

Tuesink's Farm

Last week I was able to join Kooper's class on a field trip to Tuesink's Farm. I was excited to go because last year when Kennedy's class went I had to miss out due to the flu. We had a fun filled morning at the farm. It was a gorgeous day for outdoor fun. Kooper isn't necessary an animal lover so I was very proud of how brave he was. He said his favorite part was the pony ride. He was hesitant at first, but LOVED it once he was on and riding round and round.
Enjoying the front of the hay wagon with his buddy, Joey.

Watching his classmates take their turn on the pony's.

Waiting patiently as they brought animals out one by one.
He got a little nervous when they brought out the larger animals, like the baby lamb and goat, but did enjoy petting the baby bunny. So brave!!
Praise God for a morning outside where we could enjoy His creation. I also enjoyed my one on one time with Koop. We don't get that near enough.