Thursday, June 17, 2010

How WE Mow!!

My hubber's fabbed up this hillbilly like creation so that all three could mow with him. Needless to say they LOVED it!! I enjoyed it, too, since I was able to get dinner ready and have an hour+ to myself. Gotta love having a hubby who can think outside the box.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Timbo's House

For the past few days the kid's have been asking if we can go back to Timbo's house. On Sunday evening we ventured over to our friend's Tim, aka Timbo, Jen and Liam's house and the kid's had a riot. They had baby kitties, toads, and fun 'new' toys. Kennedy was in her glory with the kitties and toads. Jen was even a sport and crept under the tramp with her to capture the toads. I bet we counted about 20 under there. Kenz's bucket wasn't all that huge so I think she captured six to take home as 'pets.' It was kind of gross seeing all the toads wedged into this tiny container. She, however, thought it was the coolest and was so excited about her toads. We did let them go in our landscaping when we got home and she still looks daily to see if she can see any.
After all the toad catching fun it was time for motorcycle rides. Kolter wanted to go and very much enjoyed his ride.

Not quite as much as big sister though.. she was beaming with a huge smile that went ear to ear the entire time she was on the bike.

Kooper didn't want to go for a ride and I wish I would've had a video of Liam on his ride. We'll let his mommy and daddy post that because it's a sight that all will enjoy, trust me. :)
Kenz REALLY wanted to go for a ride on Tim's big bike, but thankfully we were able to pacify her by letting her sport Timbo's helmet for awhile instead. Next time she's hoping for a ride on the 'big' bike.
Looking like a stylish motor-mama in this getup, hey?
I think the bike would've fit her pretty well. I just wasn't up for letting her give it a whirl seeing as she just recently took her training wheels off. We're thankful Tim was such a great sport about giving rides.Sweet little Liam was cruising around when we got a glimpse of this.
Gotta love a little crack shot every now and then. :)
Kooper LOVED Liam's Woody doll.
I think he played with it pretty much the whole time we were there. The 'new' toys were the highlight for him.
Kolter and Liam having some fun on the bikes.
In the pic above Kolt is tightly gripping a ball as well as his sippy. I think he really liked the 'new' toys too and at one point in the evening brought a tiny boat of Liam's over to me and asked me to put it in my pocket. Silly, little boy.

As you can see Timbo's house is a pretty fun place.
I guess I can see why the kid's keep asking when we can go back. Thanks again T & J for letting us hang with you for a bit. We had as much fun as the kiddos.

Super Saturday!!

This was past Saturday could be summed up in one word, SUPER!!
We literally didn't do much of anything, but just had a wonderful day being together as a fam. The weather was awesome so we spent most of the day outside. It had been awhile since we didn't have day or evening plans so perhaps that's while it was so enjoyable.
Since it was such a super day I couldn't help but have the camera out. :)
A couple of cute pics of my three little sweeties.

Sick of being photographed at this point. :)

Some of my stylish little man sporting daddy's shades.
Such a little stud!
A tender moment of Bry and Koop hanging in the garage watching a little Madagascar.
A sweet smile from my handsome little man.
And one of my beautiful little girl with me.

More of Kolter being Kolter... showing off the little goofball within.
Looking back at the pics I can see why this was such a SUPER day. What a SUPER fam I have been blessed with. Looking forward to many more Saturday's like this one.

Slip Sliding Away

On Saturday we set up the slip'n slide and the kiddos had a blast sliding away. It was super fun to see Koop get into it this year. Last year he was a bit timid but this year he was ALL about it. Kolter, on the other hand, was the one who didn't care to go flying down.
Daddy had fun giving th kids a nice push down the slide.

Kolter didn't care for the slide but did enjoy the splash pool area at the end.
Our little water rat who couldn't get enough of it.

A big SPLASH to end her ride.
Thanking God for a warm Summery Saturday where we could get outside and slide away.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fun with Finian

Last night we watched our friend's baby boy, Fin, while they ventured off to play softball. This was a day Kennedy had been waiting for. She LOVES babies and couldn't wait to gush on baby Fin without his mom around. She loves his mom, but likes to pick up and hold little ones and can usually do so a tad easier without mom around. (of course I was the supervising mom so she was still watched VERY closely) Needless to say she had a blast holding and loving on Fin. Her time was cut short, however, as she had VBS last night. We still manage to snap a few pics of these cute little tooters together.

He got lots of kisses last night..

Fin was born 10 weeks early weighing in at 2.10 lbs.. A miracle babe if you ask me. God is SO good! It's so fun seeing how perfect and happy he is. You'd never know he was such a tiny peanut by looking at him now. He's sitting up like such a BIG boy and also attempting to scoot and crawl. Fun stuff ahead for his parents. :)
We had so much fun with this little guy and will gladly take him whenever his parents need a sitter. He scratched my baby itch for the night since I got him all to myself for awhile when Kenz and Koop were at VBS and Kolt was mowing with daddy. Good times. :)

Daddy's BIG Helper..

I think all of our kids LOVED riding on the mower and helping daddy with yard work when they were Kolter's age. He has a tractor fetish so he very much enjoys a ride twice a week when daddy is out mowing. Once in awhile the older two will want a turn and he'll have to share but more often than not it's his 'special' thing to do with daddy. Last night I peaked out the window and saw him on Bry's shoulders, muffs still on cuz the leaf blower must be loud, and it was just the cutest sight. I couldn't help but bust out the camera.
Our pant less, yet very happy, child..
He rode on the mower minus pants and also sported sissy's pink crocs that are just a tad too big. Needless to say he's setting his own style. :)

Such a cute sight to view from the window.
I loved it that he had his little hands wrapped around daddy's head. Too cute.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Cotton Eyed Joe

This past weekend was a weekend of dance for Kennedy. Her year at WE Dance Academy had come to an end and it was time to end the year with a celebration. This year her class danced to the tune of Cotton Eyed Joe. I must say she looked like a darling country bumpkin all dolled up and ready to dance.

Full makeup is required at WE and right up Kennedy's alley. I think that's one of her favorite parts about the end of year celebration.
Kennedy's friend Jenna spent some time with us in the afternoon and even came along to watch Kennedy's rehearsal. Kennedy loved having Jenna in the crowd.
Stage time...
The girls did a wonderful job dancing on stage.
We were super proud of our little girl dancin' it up..
It's been neat to see how much she's learned over the past year.

DeVries Photography took pics of the girl's and I managed to snap a few myself as they were getting all lined up.
Kennedy and her friend Heidi..
More friends at the finale practice.

This year's celebration was special because we plan to take a little dance break come Fall. Kennedy's been in dance for the past two years and is now ready to try something new. She likes it but doesn't really love it. She thinks soccer is something she'd like to give a whirl.. she's signed up for a rec league in the Fall so for now the plan is to put away her tap and ballet shoes and give her tennies a try for awhile.