Friday, August 29, 2008

Kooper, Kooper, Kooper

This is what happens when you let your 2 year old help daddy wash the van. :-)


Tis the Season

The O'Connor's stayed for dinner tonight as they had to pick up Emma anyway, so after we were done eating the guys headed out back to do a little shooting. The kids enjoyed watching from the deck. Hopefully all the practice pays off and in a few weeks we'll have meat in the freezer.

Logan and Kooper taking it all in. Before we know it they'll be practicing too.

Kennedy & Emma

Emma came over to play this afternoon and the girl's are having a blast together. We played outside while the boys napped. I was able to snap some cute pics of these sweet girls. We were playing school and I was the camera lady who had to take their school pictures. I had so much fun with them.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Backyard Bliss........

It's a Jeep Thing...

Oh NO!! Big crash! We better flee!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Great Friends~ Great Food~ Great Fun

After leaving Dumont Lake on Friday we stopped home for about 2 hours and then headed to Lake City to spend the weekend with friends at a beautiful lake house. The Yount's invited to relax for the weekend at their parents new house and it was an opportunity that we couldn't pass up. Spending time with this group of friends is always fun! We had a wonderful weekend and very much enjoyed our time at the lake. Thanks again Yount's for another wonderful retreat up north!
Kennedy and Jacee

All the kiddos minus Kolter

Timmy, well, just being Timmy!

Bryan, Kooper and Levi enjoying the boat ride.

Future couple? Time will tell. :-)

Jacee and Kolter. I had SO many babysitters all weekend long. It sure was nice.

This is the bucket we rinsed our feet off in before heading inside. Koop liked just playing in it so I couldn't help but snap some pics.

Our little sweeties enjoying the water.

Happy Birthday Bryan!!

On Saturday, 8/23, Bryan celebrated his 33rd b-day!! We were in Lake City, with some great friends, so it was fun to share his special day with them. Since we were out of town we opted for a large frosted cookie rather than a cake. I think Kooper enjoyed it the most. He took a lick before it was even cut into. Overall it was a great day. I thank God for my loving, handsome, hubby and amazing father and pray that we get to have 33 more birthday parties with him. Happy birthday, sweetie!!! We love you SO much!

Kennedy didn't nap that afternoon so bedtime came early for her and as a result she isn't in any of the b-day pics. We had a party when we got home on Sunday night with my parents so she was able to celebrate daddy's b-day then.

Day at Dumont

On Friday afternoon we headed to Dumont Lake for the annual Dun-Rite summer party. We enjoyed a tasty bbq and enjoyed playing in the water for the remainder of the afternoon. The day didn't start off so promising as it rained buckets for most of the morning. We had the bbq indoors as a result of the rain. Thankfully the Zuverink's have a beautiful cottage so it wasn't a big deal having to be inside for awhile. Once we were done eating the rain stopped and the sun came out. Praise God for that!! The day consisted of relaxing, tubing, fishing, and watching the kids play in the water. Kennedy was like a little fish. She spent two solid hours in the water without getting out. Needless to say when all was said and done she slept like a rock on our ride home. Kooper and Kolter enjoyed our time at Dumont as well. Noodle-o!

Relaxing in his bucket getting ready for a little nappy nap.

Tyler and Kooper hanging out.

Jumping with daddy.

Look at me, I'm fish'n.

Two of my three favorite boys and one of my new favorite pics.

Kennedy's first fish!! She was very proud, as was daddy, of her catch.