Monday, August 31, 2009

Kennedy's new Do!

Sporting her new haircut!!
She loves it!
She wanted shorter and that's what she got.
In my opinion it's adorable and looks wayyyy fuller and much healthier.
She's already for preschool now!
The before...


During the process..

Happy with the cut.

Big boy on a little car

Me and my Bow Wowzier

If mom would let me, I'd take him everywhere.


Serious.. yet soooo cute!


It's a tongue thing..

And a little bit of drool...

I love to swing!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fair Fun

Tonight we ventured to the Hudsonville Fair for some family fun!
It's typically an annual to-do with the Rotman fam and good times were had by all.
The night started off with face/body painting and ended with rides. We did visit the animal barns as well. All and all it was a great, yet expensive, night. It's amazing how much you spend taking three little kids to the fair. They had a blast so it was all worth it!!
Kolter even got a little baseball painted on his leg.

Kennedy got a Hello Kitty face and Kooper got a spider/spiderweb.

The fish for a prize game was pretty entertaining.
The kids didn't much care about the prize, but liked catching the fish. Thankfully the carnies let us play for awhile which was super nice.

We ran into the Elders' fam when we first got there and had to do some rides with them.
Kooper paired up with Eli and boy are they like brothers.

Kennedy and Sophia paired up right away, too.
It so cute how buddy-buddy the four of them are.

We ended the night with a ride on the gator coaster.
This time they were able to ride it with Reed-o.
Kooper wasn't so sure he liked it. I think he cried after the first round and had several rounds before it came to a complete stop. He must take after his dad as Bryan isn't all that fond of roller- coasters himself.
We planned on getting elephant ears to end the night, but he line was super long so we opted for some mambas from the gas station instead.

A play date with cousins

This morning we headed to Deanna's Playhouse and met up with my sister in law's and my nieces and nephew and had a great time playing . It was kind of a rainy, wet, morning so it was prefect for playing indoors. Us girl's had been wanting to get together all summer and finally we were able to make it happen. I think we all had a great time. We ended our play date with lunch at McDonald's. My kids were so tuckered out by all the playing that they all went right down for naps as soon as we got home. I love days like this! The plan is to head to the Hudsonville Fair tonight, so that was a good incentive to get them to sleep without any fuss. Our play date will continue into the evening when we all meet up once again. What a great day to spend some quality time with family.
Brother's playing trains.

The motorcycles were quite the hit!
I think Reed was on one pretty much the entire time.

Kenz is such a great big sister as she helps Kolter ride along.

Some cool dude shades!
Playing dress-up with also a highlight!
Carley, Reed and Kenz

Putting on a show. Aren't their costumes cool?

Ella not so sure she liked the dino hat. (I think that's what it was.)

Kolter, well, he thought it was cool. For a sec anyway. He wanted to dress up but would chuck any hat you tried putting on him. This was the only thing he'd keep on and like I said, that didn't last long.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Helping daddy was suds of fun!

Weekend Fun!

We had a wonderful weekend. It started off with fun at the Elders' household. We had pizza and some fun times together. The guys shot bow and we took lots of pics. I'm hoping to have our family pics taken at their beautiful home in a couple of weeks, so it was fun to play around using the kids. Thanks Maddie for being such a fun model.
On Saturday my dad and Deb came for a AM visit so that was entertainment for the kids and a nice little break for me as I pretty much just sat and visited with them. In the afternoon we headed on a little road trip to Bass Pro Shop in IN. The kids had fun as there is so much to look at there. Bryan also stocked up on some goods which was the main goal.
On Sunday we celebrated Bryan's 34th b-day and ended our weekend with dinner, fellowship and a movie with our life group. All and all I don't think our weekend could've got any better.
Kolter was a mess when we left Todd and Alison's. He had issues walking that night and was covered in mud. It did rain on and off while we were there.

Maddie and Kennedy using hay for some picture props.

Sophia and Kennedy posing by one of their cool barn doors.

The boys getting ready for their up and coming hunt.

FUN at Bass Pro Shop

She was the only one who dared sit on the moose.

Our somewhat coordinating hats.
We praise God for 34 years of life.
Praying we are able to spend many more with you!