Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Kennedy~ Our pretty in pink Princess Poodle

Kooper~ Our Curious little Monkey

Kolter~ Our little Sweet Pea (pod that is)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I just couldn't resist..

A new favorite picture of our little cutie pie.

Pumpkin Fun

So last night was supposed to be pumpkin carving night at our house. Nothing like waiting until the last minute now, hey? Time sort of got away from us and we didn't end up getting to the carving. We did spend a little time letting the kids color and draw on them though. Kolter is too little to use markers so he just tried sucking on the top of his pumpkin. He did trying grabbing markers and marker tops any chance we got though too. He is quick when it comes to the grab, that's for sure. The kids had a lot of fun decorating their pumpkins. Kennedy even got out some stickers and cut some fancy shapes and taped them to her pumpkin. As the kids are still little I think they had as much, if not more, fun just dressing up their pumpkins rather than craving them. Maybe tomorrow we'll get a chance to carve them. If not, I don't think they'll mind. Hopefully we've got a few years yet before they catch on to how this Halloween thing works.

He has his smile back...

These were actually taken last night so after only two doses of amoxicillin our little guy was full of smiles. Praise the Lord as the morning was pretty rough. His big brother gets the credit for all these smiles because Kolter couldn't stop smiling at whatever he was doing. It was too cute. I thank God that we live where medicines are readily available when we need them. Our sweet little peanut is currently on the mend.

Kolter's 6 Month Pictures

They are ready and they turned out great! Thanks again Tracy!! You can check out our little handsome boy at Go under enter Site and select client proofs. Enter Kolter as the password.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sure enough..

Our sweet little Kolter has his first ear infection and a dual at that. I have been to our pediatricians office now for the past 3 Wednesday's in a row. I'm relived that finally my intuition was right. I went in 2 weeks ago because I thought he had a possible ear infection and he turned out to be in the clear. Last week when we were there for his well child the dr. said he had some fluid in both but that they were not yet infected. He gave me the whole speel about if he runs a fever or is tugging at his ear they could become infected as result of the fluid so give us a call if those symptoms become present. Needless to say all weekend he was crabby, just not his self, and ran a low grade fever. As I'm not typically one to rush to the dr. I decided to wait it out at little because he did just get 4 shots so the fever could've been the result of that as could his fussiness. The fever went away but the fussiness continued. He's typically a very happy boy so I decided to take him in today for peace of mind if nothing else. Like I said I was relieved that now we know what's been bugging him. Hopefully the antibiotic will kick in and our happy little boy will be back. On top of the ear infection he also has a funky rash going on his back and even into his bottom area. The dr. said that's just a virus that will fade as it runs it's course. When it rains, it pours for our sweet little Kolter. Hopefully come next week all will be better and we won't have to visit the doctor. Oh the joys!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

In the SPIRIT of today's BIG game...

GO BLUE!!!!!
Kolter was not enjoying picture time. You take what you can get these days... tears and all.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh what a day..

So today was a day that I had been dreading for awhile now. All three kids were due for shots. Kenz and Koop needed the flu vaccine and Kolter was due for his 6 month immunizations. Taking three kids to the dr. is work in itself let alone having to deal with the whole shot situation on top of it. It's much easier taking a baby for shots than toddlers in my opinion. You can't really sugar coat the fact that they are going to get a little poke and that it might hurt. Anyway.. we were finally all in the van and set to go. I think Kennedy whined the whole way about not wanting a pokey. Thankfully Kooper really had no clue what a pokey was so he was just hanging out playing with Buzz. When we arrived at the office and I went to get Kolter out I could smell that he had pooped. Great, I thought. Once he was out of the car seat I realized he had a major blow out and not just a full pants. It soaked right thru his jeans. Since we are sort of past, or so I thought, the newborn poops, as I like to call these lovely blowouts, I don't typically carry an extra outfit with me anymore. Needless to say after we checked in we headed straight to the bathroom to attempt to clean him up. He ended up going pant less the entire time we were there as there was no way I could clean his pants up enough for him to put them back on. Yes, it was that bad! Thankfully we were heading right home after their appointments so I wasn't too riled by the mess. The nurse was waiting when we walked out of the bathroom so the plus to poop mess was that I didn't have to control the kids in the waiting room. Those of you with multiple children, especially busy toddlers, know exactly what I'm talking about. Another plus to the morning was that Kenz and Kooper were offered a nasal spray flu vaccine rather than a regular shot so there were no pokeys for them today. Praise the Lord!! Kenz took it with ease so that rocked. Kooper wasn't sure why the nurse was sticking something up his nose, so he resisted a tad, but overall both did great. Kolter ended up getting 4 shots as he was too little for the nasal spray. I think you had to be 2 for that. Thankfully he only cries for a second or two and that's that. I actually think he put up more of a fuss for the oral one today than the pokes. Typically that's the one he likes. Not sure what his deal with that was. Anyway, the dreaded visit turned out to be not so bad after all. Both boys checked out great. We did Kooper's 2 year well child today as well. I know were about 3 months behind but we had to hold off until now for insurance purposes. Now for the stats.. Kooper weighed in at 30 1/2 lbs. and was 35 1/2 inches in length. 70th percentile for weight and 50th for height. Kolter weighed in at 18lbs. 12 oz. and 27 inches. That puts him in the 70th percentile for weight and 60th for height.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tea Time (Princess Style)

This afternoon we were invited to our very first tea party at our friend Bella's house. This was a much anticipated day at our house. Kennedy is the girliest of girls so she couldn't wait to get dressed up and spend the afternoon with her best gal pals, Bella and Emma. We had such a fun time and very much enjoyed the yummy tea and treats. All the girls looked so beautiful dressed up like little princesses. Thanks again Tracy and Bella for hosting such a fun party.

Emma and Kennedy
Sipping some tea. (cider tea that is)
Enjoying a yummy cupcake.
Pouring the tea. They did end up making quite the mess but it was fun nonetheless.
Kennedy, Emma, Abby, and Bella. Aren't they just too stinkin cute?

VP Community Party

Yesterday afternoon our church hosted an incredible Community Party that was an absolute blast. There was so much for the kids to see and do. Plus, it was a beautiful afternoon to be outdoors. Thanks, Lord, for a great Saturday.
The Critter Barn was there so Kennedy enjoyed holding the baby chicks.
Kolter liked them as well.
Kooper enjoyed the inflatable trampoline and couldn't wait to get inside it.
Kennedy got a rainbow painted on her face that she sported late into the night as she didn't want it washed off.
Kooper enjoyed a ride down the slide with daddy. They had one of the huge inflatables from Crazy Bounce there. The kids were SO excited when we got there as that was the first thing they could see from the van windows. It's Crazy Bounce, it's Crazy Bounce they shouted! Oh the excitement!
Kennedy attempted to do some climbing on the rock wall. It's much harder than it looks. She had fun trying though, plus it made for a cute picture.
Kooper with a pocket full of suckers. Can you tell that he enjoyed the grab the duck get a sucker game?
Even a smile for the road. I had to snap a pic of Kenz in her new booster car seat. Kolter is out of the bucket now, so she got the upgrade as he took over her former seat. She thinks shes quite big stuff. Plus, she loves the fact that it's pink.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Post Family Farm

On Friday night we headed to the Post Family Farm for a fun family night. When we got there, however, they were "technically" closed so the night didn't go quite like we had planned. "Technically" closed means that after 6 they reserve time for field trips and large groups so we weren't able to take a hayride to the pumpkin patch. (Our main reason for heading there) All the other actives were up and running though so the kids still had a blast. The only other slight bummer was that we played too long that when we went to get donuts, another must while visiting there, they were all gone. We improvised though and headed to Family Fare afterward and grabbed a couple and enjoyed eating them tailgate style in the parking lot. Not quite the same, but still yummy nonetheless. Overall the night turned out great!

Kennedy very much enjoyed her horsey ride on the pony named Jo!
Kooper kept taking his shoes off.. a classic move maneuver.. so it was picture worthy!

Enjoying the pumpkin train!

The kids enjoyed jumping from hay bale to hay bale. I thought it'd make for a cute picture but they didn't much want to cooperate so this was all I got.
Kolter, however, always has a smile for me.
Enjoying our donuts while sitting in the back of daddy's Jeep.