Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall Fhotos

Happy Halloween!

Our pumpkin carving festivities took place a couple of days before Halloween.  We figured better late than never.  The kids had fun picking out what they wanted carved and to work daddy and I went.  This year was fun because all three put their hands inside the pumpkins and dished out the guts.  Kennedy really got into it. 

 Kennedy even tried her hand at carving. 
 Daddy was pretty proud of her.
 The finished product. 
Bryan did the spider and the bat while I did the face.  Props to daddy for his fancy craving. :)
 All lit up!!
 The following night we dressed up the kids and headed out to two parties with our friends.
Looking cute as Jessie, Buzz and Woody.
 We dressed up as well. 
 Party at the Post's.
 When trick or treating day arrived the kids decided they didn't want to dress up in their toy story costumes so to the dress up bin the went. 
Our little pirate, hula dancer and spider all ready for their treats.
 Instead of venturing door to door we went family and friend hopping.
Kennedy with grandma.
 The kids with grandma and grandpa Rotman.
For some reason their house is the only house I whipped out the camera so I apologize to all of you we visited that I didn't snap a pic of of.  (some of you are happy about this)
 Our fam on Halloween.
Thanks to all our friends and fam that we visited who blessed our kids with yummy treats. 
They had a super fun day!

Kennedy & Jaiden

 Wednesday afternoons are now known as Jaiden days at our house.  Since the beginning of the school year she has been coming hom with us from school and spending a couple of hours playing with us.  She is my cousin's daughter and also in Kennedy's kindergarten class so these two have become quite the pair.  The boys love having her as much as Kennedy.  It's been a nice treat for me too since I've been able to get to know her.  Friday's are also sometimes Jaiden/Kennedy or Kooper/Landen (Jaiden's brother) days since we end up swaping kids for a couple of hours.  Kooper and Landen are also quite the pair.  What a blessing it is to have cousins that are also good friends.  The girls were hamming it up the other afternoon so I grabbed my camera and started snapping.
 Gotta love Jaiden's toothless smile. 
 The girl has lost so many teeth in a matter of weeks. 
Kennedy is jealous but knows hers will come out soon.