Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Koop's Special Day

This week has been great for us because both kids were 'special helpers' at school. Bryan was able to go to school with Kennedy yesterday and I was able to go today with Kooper. It's such a treat to see your child in the classroom. You get a sense of the structure and see how they interact with their classmates and teachers. Since Kooper just started threeschool a month ago I was very excited to see what he does for the 2hrs. he's apart from me. He has been super excited about school since his first day and now I know why. Here's a glimpse at our morning..
Above he is pictured with his teachers Mrs. Scholten and Mrs. Dykstra.
One of their first chores is to put a sticker on their name card.
Here Kooper is trying to find his name.
Found it!
Time to put the sticker on his fish.
Today each child brought in some fruit so that we could later enjoy a delicious fruit salad during snack time.
Kooper loves grapes and took them to add to the salad.
Since Kooper was the special helper he got to help Mrs. Scholten with the music player letting the kids know it's time to clean up and get ready for circle time. They get a little playtime while everyone is getting there.
Sitting in the 'special' rocker with the 'special' teddy as they get ready for circle time.
Enjoying circle time.
I was amazed at how well 15- 3 year old's sat and listened as Mrs. Scholten talked.
I help with 2 and 3 year old's at church and know this isn't an easy to do.
Sharing with the class what the weather was like today.
Cold and snowy!!
He did slap some sunglasses on weather bear as we were hopeful to see the sun today.
Praise God it did shine as we were on our way home. :)
Story time..
Snack time..
Enjoying a very yummy and healthy fruit salad.
After our snack we had a little more playtime..
Playing with some of his classmates..
Next came project time.
Today's lesson was centered on health.
The kids were coloring on some teeth like bottle bottoms with chalk and then brushing them clean with a toothbrush. Lot's of fun!

Another tooth activity..
Painting a brown tooth white.

Playing a game where you push down the teeth of a crocodile and when you hit a certain tooth the mouth closes on your finger. All the kiddos enjoyed this.
Lots of smiles and giggles when the mouth surprised them by closing.
Time to sing the good- bye song as our day was about done.
Sitting ever so sweetly waiting to be dismissed..
As you can see we had a very busy, yet super fun, day!!
I'm so thankful that I was able to share a special morning with Koop. I'm also thankful that he loves school so much and I pray that it continues throughout the years.

Dynamic Duo

Our friend Eli came over to play for awhile this afternoon. His mommy watched Kennedy and Kolter while Koop and I were at school, so we thought it'd be nice to return the favor and let his mom have a little break. The boys had a blast playing with each other this afternoon. Sometimes we joke that these two were made out of the same mold as they are so much alike. Both are definitely all boy with oodles of energy. God bless their activeness and ever so sweet hearts. Just thought I'd share some silly moments of this pair as they were too cute not to.

Silly faces..

Kennedy didn't want to be left out so here's one of her with Eli.
I think they look like they could be brother and sister with those dark brown eyes.
Enjoying a little sucker treat..

Thanks Eli for spending the afternoon with us.
It's always fun having you come and play. The boys totally entertained themselves by dressing up like super heroes, playing with cars and the batman cave, and also with puzzles and games. I think they had three different games out at one point in the day with pieces scattered here there and everywhere. Lots of excitement and lots of memories when these two get together.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Tuesday!!

Today was a fun day at our house.
Kennedy was special helper at school and decided that she wanted daddy to come along and spend the morning with her. I went last time so it's only fair, I guess. She was super excited to head off to school with daddy today.
In addition to being special helper her class also ventured to Zeeland Hospital for a field trip.
Her friends Lauren and Eliana rode along in dad's truck.
They got to see a brand new baby boy at the hospital and Kennedy very much enjoyed that. She loves babies.
On field trip day they are asked to wear their red ZCS tee's. Kennedy wanted daddy to wear red so they'd match. Bryan's such a sport and did exactly that for his baby girl. I snapped a pic when they got home. He had a great time at school and she loved spending the morning with him. Such a memorable daddy/daughter day.
If having daddy at school wasn't enough, Kenz also got to have her friend Jenna over after school.
The girl's had lots of fun playing.
And making silly faces.
When the boys went down for naps us girl's decided to have a little fun.
The first thing we did was make some chocolate chip cookies.
I had two sweet little helpers!!

After we were done with the cookies I thought it'd be fun to let the girl's paint a birdhouse we got this week. We are getting new flooring in our kitchen on Thursday so this was the perfect time to get out the paint as Bryan stripped the flooring out on Sat. so all that's in there is some lovely plywood. Such a warm look. LOL
The girls changed into paint shirts and got to work..

After baking and painting they wanted to play dress up.
I had lots of fun watching them dance and frolic around.
Such pretty little girls.
What dress up party would be complete without a costume change?! :)
Here they are about to get married.
Jenna was a bridesmaid and a husband. Such a great friend.

All and all is was a great day.
I had a wonderful morning at home with the boys and a fun afternoon with two sweet girls.
Life sure is good!!