Monday, September 19, 2011

Silver Lake Highlights

 We headed to Silver Lake for a little family vaca during the end of August.  It was just our family of five and the first time in 6 years since we'd been up to Silver.  The kids had never been up there so was a special treat for them.  Thanks to some generous friends we were able to use their place for the weekend and it worked out slick.  We enjoyed lots of trips in and out of the dunes, all meals out, go cart rides and even a little shopping.  It was a great weekend with lots of quality family time.  We hope to spend more weekends up there in the years to come.  I'm always amazed at God's creation when visiting a place as beautiful as up there.  I think I stood in awe several different times looking at the landscape... so gorgeous..

 No toys for us anymore..  I was a bit nervous taking Bry's everyday truck up there..  Thankfully he's super cautious and we made it home safe and sound with no repairs to make.  We saw some over the weekend who weren't so fortunate.  It's pretty entertaining to just sit back and watch...
 Kiddy carts..  all three were able to drive their own carts- BIG stuff!

 Buckled in and ready to ride..
They enjoyed tooling around as long as we didn't attempt any big hills.. :)
We played it safe to avoid their screams. :)  (probably a blessing)

Birthday Boy!!

On August 23 we celebrated Bryan's 36th b-day. 
We love b-day's at our house so it's always a fun day to celebrate.  The kids and I went and picked out party hats and decorated the kitchen and door to 'surprise' daddy when he got home from work.  The kids also picked out little gifts for him- with my guiding, of course, and Bryan was super excited about all new hunting accessories they picked it. 
 We are so blessed to have such a wonderful husband/daddy in our lives and we look forward to celebrating many more birthday's with him. 

 A loving moment between Kenz and Koop..

 The night ended up some fun on the tramp. 
Daddy is the best at popping these cats up in the air.  It was a nightly treat all summer long.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Family Day at Spring Grove

 On the 21st of August we gathered with the Rotman clan and celebrated dad's homecoming as well as his birthday.  It was a beautiful afternoon and the perfect day for celebrating and giving thanks that dad is home and doing so well.  God sure has blessed our family and we are forever thankful.  The cousins had lots of fun playing and running around.  They also managed to get a little wet- imagine that.  I guess that's what I get for wanting to sneak in a photo opp when surrounded by such beautiful settings.

All the grandkiddo's..
So happy to have Grandpa Josie, and grandma, too, home..