Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cutie Patooties

Need I say more?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Diva Party

On Saturday morning we celebrated Kennedy's 5th birthday, just a week and a day early, by having a Diva Party at Stanley Harris School of Cosmetology. Since she's turning 5 she was allowed to invite five friends and they were each treated to a manicure and an up-do. It was a very fun morning and the girl's seemed enjoy being little diva's. The above pic is an after shot of all the little diva's. The below is a before shot of a few of them. Stanley Harris did a great job so kudos to them. I would highly recommend this for any of you with little diva's of your own. They throw a fun little party.
Annie getting Kennedy all beautified.
Annie is the daughter of Bryan's boss and is actually the one that told us about the Diva Parties that Stanley Harris offers. Kennedy was very excited that Annie was the one who pampered her that morning.
The curling begins.
We had Princess and the Frog playing so that kept the girls entertained while getting their hair/nails done.

All pretty!!
Her hair was curled ever so sweetly.
I wish I had the time to do it like that for her daily.
Now onto the nails.
Emma showing Kennedy her bright pink choice. I love her ooh face.
Kenz opted for a similar shade of pink.
Goody bag and cupcake time..
Then it was onto the presents.
She is blessed to have such sweet and thoughtful friends.
Thanks SO much for all the gifts, girls.
And what day at the salon wouldn't be complete without lunch afterward?
Kennedy chose Red Robin and that's where we headed.

As you can see we had quite the group.
Lunch was the perfect end to a fun morning spent with great friends celebrating 5, almost, years of life for our little sweet pea. It's still hard to believe you're almost 5. We love you SO very much Kennedy Lyn and praise God for all the joy you bring into our lives each and every day.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Special Helper ~ Special Day

Last week Friday Kennedy was special helper at school so I was able to tag along and help in the classroom which is always a treat. Last time Bryan went along so I was excited that it was my turn once again. It's just so much fun spending that time seeing what they do for the 2.5 hrs they're at school. When chatting with her about her upcoming special helper day, one day on the way home from school, she mentioned that a classmate had their aunt come and help. I said oh, would you like one of your aunties to come with you and she said actually, mom, I'd really like it if Uncle Brad could come with. It was such a cute moment. I knew there was no way that Uncle Brad could do that, so she had to settle for me, but it was the thought that counts and we were sure to pass her thoughts onto Uncle Brad. :)
I very much enjoyed my morning with Kennedy. Not only was she special helper, but she was also able to take in a treat and pass it out to her friends in celebration of her 5th b-day. Her b-day actually falls on Easter this year and during spring break. She had lots of fun handing out, and assembling days before, her treat bags.  I think her friends enjoyed them, too.

Having some fun with the 'fishy- let's go swimming' song.. Painting a sunset...
Kennedy and Aiden.
Play time..
Showing me that she counted them all.
Putting together a 10Ft. long ABC puzzle with Taylor.

Hanging with some friends..
And making silly faces..
More dancing to another fun circle time song.
Putting on the Happy Birthday Hat...
Getting ready to go home by singing the goodbye song and Happy Birthday to Kennedy!

Such a fun day spent in the life of a preschooler!

First Lick Of the Season

Last Wednesday the Village Dipper opened and after lunch we headed there for the first cone of the season. The kids were super excited that it was FINALLY open. I think they'd enjoy ice cream from the Dipper year long if it was available. It was nice spring afternoon and ice cream was the perfect after lunch treat.

After we finished our ice cream we decided to take a walk to the Drenthe Grove which is a nice little park about 3/4 of a mile up the road. Kennedy decided she wanted to ride her bike and I pushed the boys in the jogger. We got a little ways down the bike path when she decided she no longer wanted to ride her bike. Hmm, what to do?! I knew the boys would be upset if we decided to turn around and head back home, so she ended up pushing her bike for a long stretch. She got sick of that before long and I decided to try and hoist it up on the stroller and let it hang as we continued onward towards the park. Not all that comfy for me to push and hold a bike, but it worked. Once we got to the park I noticed she had taken her shoes off and was sitting in the grass. I asked what she was doing and she said her heels were bloody. She decided she wanted to wear her new shoes, against my wishes, and ended up with blisters because of all the walking she did. (imagine that :) ) Anyway, it was a decent day so I let her enjoy herself, by being barefoot, at the park. The kids played and had a great time. I wasn't quite sure what we were going to do to get home as she had bloody, blistered, heels and absolutely no desire to ride her bike. We managed to fit three kids in a two person jogger and I huffed the bike, attached again partly to the stroller, the whole way home. I'm sure the construction crew leaving the Grove thought I was nuts when they passed me. It was also nearing nap time so the Kolter wasn't the happiest of campers. I think I had to listen to him cry most of the way home because he didn't want sissy on or near his feet. Needless to say we booked it home as fast as we possibly could. Oh the joys!!!!!! I was glad to be home and even happier that the outside air and events of our excursion to the park made for three very sleepy kiddos. What an afternoon!

the Gator, the Jeep, the Quad- Oh My!

Very much enjoying our time spent outside.
The pics pretty much explain what we like to do!