Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A style All her Own

My baby girl is growing up, no doubt about that.  And while she no longer lets me dress her in cute girly, girl dresses and Matilda Jane outfits she has come into a style all her own and it's fun to see what she's going to come up with next. (most of the time anyway)  I try to get her to wear more than just jeans and tee once in awhile- so we're learning to compromise...  She has to give and so do I. :)  We also pick out her school clothes the night before so there are no issues in the am.  Her current obsession is anything that sports a peace sign.  My mom picked her up a few new things the other day and that's all she's been wanting to wear.  Thankfully peace apparel seems to be 'in style' so we've got some to work with.......that is until she moves onto the next thing.
  She's also been into doing her own hair lately which typically consists of a side ponytail. :)  Thankfully she still lets me do it when it comes to heading to school /church, although the other day she had taken out what I did and was sporting a side tail when I picked her up at noon.  Oh the joys!!  I'm sure all this is just a taste of what's to come over the years. 
The below was a practice we did for wacky day at school.  Jenna came home with us after school for a playdate and thought she needed some highlights too.  I admit I was a bit nervous spraying these blondies for fear it wouldn't wash right out like it was supposed to.  Much to my surprise it came out nicely after only one shampooing.  These girls thought they were the coolest with stands of hot pink.  It was such a treat spending the afternoon girling it up with them.  I think we may be in trouble when they are teens. :)  These two are quite the dynamic duo. 

Birthday Buddies!!

With Kennedy and Kolter's birthday's on the horizon, and springbreak added to the mix, I figured we'd get their b-day invites out sooner rather than later so we had a little photoshoot the other day when the weather was nice.  Thought I'd share a sampling of some of their cuteness.  I felt bad that Koop wasn't included but he didn't seem to mind, thankfully.  (I guess the benny to a July b-day is that he gets his own theme whereas these two have to share- the downfall of having b-day's four days apart) 
Six and Three...  How can it be?!?!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Fever

The awesome weather last week had us park bound daily and we LOVED it.  I can't tell you how ready for spring we are.  The news of another round of snow really does sadden us.  Spring is near so we're focusing on that.  The snow, hopefully, won't hang around long.
  Last week was wonderful and we can't wait for more park days......

Family Night

After our wonderful weekend north we picked up the kiddos, napped, and headed to family night with the Rotman's.  We were celebrating our nephew's 9th birthday.  It was so nice to be together with everyone.  With all that's been going on with dad's health it was nice just to gather and hang out.  The gushing on Kipton continued.  He was smothered with lots of love.  (the joy of being the baby of the fam) 
Future sitter someday.. :) 
Not sure dad is going to love this pic but I thought it was cute.  Carley, our 4 year old niece actually snapped it.  It'll be fun to look back at someday when dad kicks cancers butt.  (Lord helping that is)
A sweet moment between Ella and grandma.
The b-day boy and Kip.
I remember when Reed was Kip's size...oh how the time flies.
Present time with two little helpers.
A naughty little helper standing when he should be sitting.
Uncle B also getting his baby fix.
As the night drew to an end the kiddos wanted one last Kipton fix.  The poor baby was probably thinking what the world when three little faces crowded round to say goodbye.
All the love...
That night reminded me of how important family time is.  We are very thankful for the small moments and time spent together even if only for a few hours.  Praying for many more years of celebrations and family nights.

Weekend North

A couple weeks ago we headed north for the weekend with our lifegroup.  We had a wonderful weekend of relaxing, laughing, fellowship, eating and more eating. 
Some of the gang enjoying a little fresh air on Saturday afternoon. 
Thanks to generous family of one of the group we had awesome accommodations.
I believe a round of catch phrase was taking place at this particular moment. 
On the way up we all met at Woody's. 
 It was a dive but super fun with surprisingly good food.
If you're ever in the Bitely area- check it out. 
A baby in a bar...... what the world?
Thankfully Kipton won't remember a thing. 
 What a good little tooter he was all weekend.  I think we all enjoyed gushing on him. 
As always a great time was had by all. 
Out of town gatherings are always a treat and we are super thankful for such a fun group of friends..
Thankful too for awesome parents who tend to our kiddos so we can enjoy some time away.

31 Candles

On March 15 I celebrated my 31st b-day..  while I like to pretend I'm still 29- and hope to be for years to come- I had a wonderful day with my fam.  We had parent teacher conferences that evening so my mom made a special dinner for us and a cake.  All were excited for the cake..  I think the kids enjoyed my b-day just as much as I did.  Thanking God for blessing me so much over the past 31 years..

Date Night With My Princess

A special mother-daughter night out my beautiful little princess. Destination-Princesses On Ice.
Kennedy got all dolled up and was ready to go.  The other part of the special night was that we were meeting up with 4 of her bff's.  We also headed to one of her faves, Red Robin, before heading to the show.  The girls were so cute and so excited.  I think they loved being all together.  Most of them had no clue where we were going or what we were doing.
After some yummy eats we headed downtown where the girls were beyond ecstatic about seeing Princesses on Ice.  They were also excited to walk the tunnel from the parking ramp all the way to the arena.  Five little giggly ,girly, girls ready for a show was a precious sight.
The show was very entertaining.. 
All the girlies sat sweetly in awe of the performance.  (us mommies were entertained as well- mostly by taking in their reaction)
You can't go to a princess show without leaving with a princess item, now can you?
Needless to say they had merchandise plastered every 5 feet so escaping it was inevitable.  :)
A little showtime snack was also a must!
Kennedy & Kailyn
Group shot..
All the pretty princesses ready for the drive home after a night of fun.  It was a late night and all were exhausted by the time we made it back to the carpool lot.
What a fun night we shared with one another and with good friends.  Looking forward to our next girl's night out.
And to anyone with a little princess I highly reccomend this show.

For the Tractor Lover

Kolt's new favorite tee..
(A little plug for the etsy designer..  she can be found under (baby)fishstix)

Special Helper Day

 Kooper was special helper at school the day after we got back from Great Wolf Lodge.  Since I ended up with a bad sinus infection Bryan had to step in and spend the morning with him.  The two had a great time.  Bryan enjoyed seeing 'classroom' Koop and meeting all his friends.
 He picked out squishy balls to bring for the counting box.

 Gym day with Sam and Reid.
Another adding Gannon to the mix.. 
 Ready to pass out the squishy balls to all his friends and come home.
Kooper said he loved having daddy at school with him.  He wished he could come with every time.  
 I think daddy enjoyed it just as much as Koop did.