Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Boy

Our happy boy was 16 weeks old yesterday. It's nuts, I know I say that with every post about his age, that he'll be four months already a week from Friday. Time is just flying way too fast as I can't believe summer is nearing an end. Last night we were all out playing in the backyard after dinner and I was able to snap a couple pics of our happy little one. He fit all comfy and cozy in the back of Kooper's truck. Koop thought he was big stuff toting Kole in the back too. Before we know it they'll be fighting over who gets to drive and whose going to ride.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Such A Big Helper

On Friday morning my big helper fed Kolter his entire bottle. It's so sweet watching Kennedy with him. She's such a natural little mommy and was very proud as she sat there and fed her baby brother. The moment was too cute for me not to capture. This isn't the first time she's fed him as she's been a great little helper since the day we brought him home. Typically though she'll help for a minute or two and then move on. I was much surprised as she sat there so sweetly with him the other morning.

Professional Kids Pics

The kids photos are all uploaded and can all be viewed by clicking on Go into enter site and then select client proofs. Type in Kooper to view all three kids pics. The slideshows are set to music so if you have sound it's pretty cool. Tracy even got creative with that. :-) Thanks again. We absolutely love them!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday

We watched the VanderMeulen's again today and very much enjoyed our time with them again. The morning hours quickly flew by. As the babies napped we decided it was time to head outdoors and enjoy the beautiful day. That was only after the girls decided it was time to get out of their pj's and after a few games of elefun. The kids had a blast splishing and splashing in the pool. They also very much enjoyed the sandbox. It was a tight fit but they didn't seem to mind. They all got so sandy that when it was time to head back indoors they all needed to be filed through the tub. Thank goodness Kolter and Elise were taking such long naps. I first attempted to hose them off, starting with Kooper, but the hose water was a tad too cold for comfort. I didn't have the heart to make them freeze as they all were in need of a good power washing. I think they very much enjoyed their tub time together. You should have seen all the sand in the tub when they were done. It was like a mini sandbox in itself. Anyway, once they were all clean and redressed they played inside while I got lunch ready. After lunch we played some more and before we knew it Tracy was back. Time flies when you're having fun! Thanks again, Isabella, Avery and Elise for spending the day with us. We love having you over.

Kooper's 2 Year Pics

On Monday night I took Kooper for his 2 year pics. Kennedy and Kolter are going tonight for her 3 year, only 3 months behind on them, and his 3 month. I was SO very pleased with how the pics turned out. Kooper isn't easy to photograph as he doesn't have much sit in him so we had fun trying to get him to cooperate. I'll just leave it at that. :-) On another note, you can view them by going to or by clicking Tracy VanderMeulen under friends on the left handside. Go into enter site and then select client proofs. Type in Kooper to view the pics. I'll be updating with links for the other two once those are done. I'd also highly recommend Tracy for any/all your photo needs. She does awesome work. God has sure blessed her with the gift of photography.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Low Key Weekend

We were pretty much home bound the entire weekend which was really a nice change of pace after being gone last weekend. We did happen to watch a couple of movies which was also out of the norm for us as we couldn't recall the last time we rented one. On Friday night we watched National Treasure 2, which was pretty good, and last night it was 27 dresses. We both got to pick if you can tell by the movie titles. Overall, I think we'd recommend both flicks. 27 dresses will be going on my Christmas list for sure. :-) So there you have it, the just of our weekend. Brad Haan did join us for movie night last night so that was cool. Bryan's been confined to sitting with an icepack most of the weekend so the kids enjoyed being able to rough house a little with Brad. He even helped with bedtime so that was cool. I took Kenz and Kooper to church this morning and Bryan chilled at home with Kole as he still wasn't feeling up to venturing out. After dinner we headed outside to enjoy the sunshine and let the kids run and play. It tends to make bedtime go extra smooth when they play outside before tubs. I did manage to snap a few pics. You can still see the remains of pizza sauce on both kids faces if you look closely.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Double Duty

Yesterday I had six little munchkins, all three and under, roaming about our house as I took on watching the VanderMeulen crew for about four hours. I think the kids very much enjoyed their play date. All of them were on excellent behavior and just a joy to watch. In all honesty having six wasn't a whole lot different than having my three. The older kids all played so well together and the babies slept and played too. There were only a couple of instances when things got a tad hairy and I wished I had another set of arms. Other than that though it was a piece of cake. We very much enjoyed having Bella, Ave, and Ellie over.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hodgepodge Camping Photos

Kooper feeling the water on Lake Mitchell.

The sling we made for his hurt arm.

Smiling pretty.

Kolter just a chill'n in the stroller.

Walking with daddy and enjoying God's beautiful creation in the good outdoors.

Coming out of the tall grass like a wild animal would.

A classic Kooper moment. He'd just stop whenever he needed a break and sit down. Most of the time he'd also have his shoes off by the time we got to him. It was cute at first but got old over the course of our time away as we were always having to track down his shoes.

Playing bumper bikes with daddy.

Our little cone head.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Beach Bums

We took advantage of the beautiful weather God blessed us with yesterday by being lazy at the beach. The kids did great and were like little fish in the lake. It sure was a fun day at the beach. Kooper slept for like 4 hours after our time in the sun so it must have totally tuckered him out.