Friday, January 30, 2009

Guitar Man

Perhaps someday he'll be as gifted as his uncle Brad. For now he just enjoys the noises he can make when strumming on it or shall I say banging on it.

Creative Little Minds

Yesterday the kids played with this tunnel we have pretty much all day long. The ball pit was entertainment for awhile but I think the tunnel, hands down, was where it was at. Their creative little minds had this thing being a house, a spaceship and even a slide throughout the day. They had so much fun with it. Even Kolter got in on the mix. I think at one point in the day they spent about 45 minutes playing in it in Kolter's crib. Imagine all three kids crammed into this tunnel in the crib. I was able to fold lots of laundry during that time so I didn't mind. They also played with it in the living room and used it as a slide. I got a tad nervous at moments as Kolter would be at the bottom of it, sitting inside of it, when Kenz or Koop would decide to slide/ shimmy down. He didn't mind getting plowed into whatsoever. I love watching them play so nicely together and seeing how creative they can be. Better yet, no one got hurt.
Trying to see if they can both fit into the opening.. they did, but they were squished like sardines.
A big ole smile..
I'm big stuff!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Potty Training

So yesterday I decided to take another stab at getting Kooper potty trained. I know this doesn't happen overnight, there may be exceptions for some, but he's 2 1/2 now so I figure it's time we at least attempt it. I tried the week after Christmas with no such luck. He got some cool Cars undies and even that didn't entice him. I still am not 100% certain he's ready. He went yesterday, several times I might add, but only when I consciously put him on every 20 minutes. He never once asked or told me when he had to go. Thus being the main reason why I don't think he's quite ready. He did get one chocolate chip each time he went so I think he enjoyed the treats. We had one minor hiccup in the AM. I had just put him on the potty and he went. Great job, Koop. I decided to head downstairs and get on the computer for a few minutes so the kids came down with me and were just playing nicely in our toy room. We got the ball pit out the other night which has been the center of entertainment the past couple of days. They put their slide in it and have all sorts of fun. Anyway, about 5 minutes after we were downstairs Kenz comes running into the office saying that her pants were wet. I was like why are your pants wet? She's fully potty trained with no hiccups. She said they made a water slide. I thought for a sec, did they take a water bottle down, a big no, no, as I'm racing into the other room to see what was going on. Oh no, not water.. Kooper had peed in his undies and what they thought was their water slide was actually a pee-slide. Fun times, hey? Thankfully it was only on the slide and not in the actual ball pit. What a mess that would've been. After that little hiccup I decided to just keep a pullup on him so if he did have another little accident there wouldn't be quite so much clean up. I think the excitement of potty training has just begun.....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

9 month check up

Kolter had his 9 month well child check up this morning and weighed in at 20lbs. 8oz. and was 28 1/4 inches in length putting him in the 50th percentile for both weight and height. He had to have two shots today. The second dose of the flu shot and another that was missed at his 6mo. appointment because they were out of the vaccine. The appointment went well. It nuts to think that our next scheduled one will be for his 1 year. This year sure has flown. We are treasuring every moment we get with our sweet little blessing.Still a happy little guy even after shots.

Daddy's Boy

Bright Blue Please

Manicures and pedicures were another weekend highlight. Not as nice as going to the salon but it was something to do while we were home bound. Kenz picked the color and bright blue it was. We now have pretty fingers and toes. I opted for another color on my fingers but am sporting blue pigs along with my precious girl.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fresh Air

On Sunday afternoon we decided some fresh air was needed after being cooped up all weekend and decided to frolic in the snow for a bit. I think we all enjoyed our time outdoors. There's only so much of the Barrett-Jackson auction I could handle. Bryan had it on all weekend long. A change of scenery was wonderful.



Kooper loves cars. Especially the ones from the Cars movie. Mack, the semi, is his favorite toy of all time and goes to bed with him every night. He loves to line all his cars up and have them just so. It's not a good thing when Kenz and Kole mess them up. Lots of screaming occurs. All his cars have to be with him when he watches the movie which is played at least once a day. Not that he actually sits and watches it consistently but he loves having McQueen on and asks for it whenever he gets to pick what is played. I typically put it on in the AM as he like to wake between 6 and 6:30 which is a tad too early for mom. I'm waiting for a sequel to come out as we pretty much have the first one memorized. Thankfully it's a super cute movie.


We ended up passing on our family night gathering with the Rotman's on Friday as the flu struck some within our house, but on Saturday we were well enough to enjoy some pizza. The boys made quite the mess. Why I'm anti-bib I still do not know. I need to work on that. Thankfully totally toddler is like my best friend when it comes to making sure shirts don't get stained. The boys very much enjoy their pizza and bread sticks on Saturday night.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Flu Bug Strikes

Our little skinny little man after his run in with the nasty little bug.
Feeling better and sporting his favorite hat from grandpa Josie. It's actually Kennedy's but no ones knows the difference. It's all he wanted to wear the other day. No clothes. Just his Car's pullup and the hat. The only thing was that it was too cold to be barely dressed so I did make him put some clothes on after a little while. Sorry bud.
The flu started last Sunday when Kooper came down with it. He was good to go again after like 12 hours. Such a blessing as sick kiddos are no fun. We had a good week and then on Friday Bryan came home from work with it about 9AM. Kenz was also doomed about 3PM on Friday afternoon so needless to say it hasn't been the best weekend at our house. Bryan and Kenz seem to be on the mend as of today, so praise the Lord. We're also are thankful that Kolter and I have not got it. The house has been defunked so hopefully we're in the clear. From the sounds of it this little bug has been effecting a lot of people. I'm glad to finally have it out of our house.

Scarf Hat

I just thought this pic was cute. She's all dolled up in my scarf that actually sufficed as a hat. It was her idea and it actually worked. Such a creative little mind.

Gingerbread Cookie Bear Fun

The kids had been begging me to buy a gingerbread house during Christmas and I sorta put it off because I didn't think I had to the patience to endure a craft of that kind with them. I've done one before and think they are kinda tough. We did however find this fun little kit of gingerbread bears. Once shaped and baked the kids were able to frost, paint and decorate them to their liking. They love to paint so this was totally up their alley. The bears didn't turn out all that Martha Stewart like, but pretty enough to their 2 and 3 year old creators I did help put smiley faces on the ones that someone ate the candy eyes to. All and all it was a fun little craft and a ton easier than an actual gingerbread house. Maybe in a year or two we'll be ready for that.
Kooper liked the frosting, just a little. Okay it was probably his favorite part about the craft.
Very serious and into her painting.
Thinking painting could be fun.

More paint. It was edible in case you were curious.
All done and ready to enjoy. Kenz realized she didn't much care for gingerbread. Sugar cookies are a tad more tasty.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kolter's 9 Month Pics

Enter Site
Client proofs
Kolter is the password

Saturday, January 10, 2009

More Kolter Pics

We went to Tracy's this morning for Kolter's 9 month pics so I had to snap a couple myself as he was all cuted up in his sweater and matching hat. I can't wait to see what she was able to capture. He was a little more into his puffs than my camera. Guess that's to be expected as I constantly have the camera in his face. :-)
He kinda looks like a little MSU fan in these colors. That wasn't intentional.
I also forgot to note in his 9 month post that he can wave hi and bye. He also learned how to clap which is super cute. He pretty much hates having his diaper changed and getting dressed. It can honestly be quiet challenging some days. I think he'd be a nudist if he had a say. :-) He does go for his 9 month appointment sometime this month. I'm hoping for a reminder call because I didn't write it down. Guess I could probably call my drs. office and ask. I'll post his stats once I get them.

Beautiful baby Ella

I got to spend a little qt with my precious niece, Ella, this afternoon and very much enjoyed our time together. Our kids were napping so I got her all to myself. She is such a beautiful little baby and has the most stunning, beautiful blue eyes. I think I could have taken pictures of her all day long as she is just the cutest thing. Thought I'd share just a few.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Playing Cinderella

She doesn't love the camera at all, does she?

Loving the new ballerina bar she got from her auntie's for Christmas.
Kooper was the King. He likes to dress up too.
Just a cute brotherly moment..