Thursday, November 3, 2011

Soccer Saturday's

 Our Saturday's in September and October were filled with am soccer games.  Kooper was our star player this year.  While he's not the most aggressive player he give it all he had and had a blast, which is really all that matters, each and every week.  By the last game he even made contact with the ball.  A huge hooray!!  We were also blessed with decent weather each week which was a highlight in my book. 
 Our soccer star in action..
 Two of his biggest fans..

Team Kiwi! 

Back 2 School

 Since my blog is way out of date I figured it was time to update and what fun it is to look back.  The first day of school was a bittersweet day for me.  We had such a fun summer and the back to school routine wasn't something I was sure I was ready for so I was filled with bittersweet emtions that first day.  Letting go is hard, but now that we're in a groove and the kid's seem to love school, the bittersweet feeling has turned into a sweet feeling.  Kennedy has adjusted well to her transition to all day everyday- a big 1st grader.  Kooper is loving young 5's and Kolter seems to like Threeschool.  He does protest that he's not gonna go each Wednesday, but once we're there he lets me go with a smile and is full of stories when I pick him up.  What a blessing it is to hear the excitement each seem to be filled with while sharing stories when they get home.

 Big stuff by her locker..
I did follow the bus so I could get pics of her and make sure she made it into school and to her class..
 With Ms. Janssen
 Koop's first day!

 I was most nervous about him and the whole bus thing so daddy came home to ease all fears..

 Koop's bus buddy..
 Getting one like a big, brave, boy..
I did follow the bus for his first ride too.  Thankfully he made it safe and sound.  He transfers to another bus at Kennedy's school.  Such a brave boy!
 Finally it was Kolter's turn.
He still asks, almost daily, when it's his turn to ride the bus.
A couple more years, buddy. :)

 Big man on campus!

 Mrs. Scholten.
Praising God for great teacher, great school, and a great start..  Hoping the rest of the year goes as well as these first couple of months have..