Thursday, May 19, 2011

Splash of Spring

Last Friday was unseasonably warm and we took full advantage of it.  We busted out the kiddie pool with nothing but straight out of the hose cold water.  The kids didn't mind a bit and spent about three hours splishing and splashing.  The boat tube was a big hit!  Kind of big for the small pool but again they didn't mind.  I enjoyed watching them laughing and splashing about.  Looking forward to summer and many more pool days. 

A little 'hunting' play after all the swimming. :) 

High Flying Fun

We picked up some kites for $1 at Walmart and the kids had a blast flying them.  Who would've thought $3 could bring so much fun?! 

Some issues with them getting entangled did arise but dad was on it. 

Kolter's string also broke.
 (love the look of disappointment in his face when he noticed the kite wasn't flying)
Daddy to the rescue again and the kite was salvaged and back in the air in no time. 
Looking for a cheap, yet fun, to-do we suggest buying some dollar kites.

Tulip Time

The weather during the Tulip Time week couldn't have been more perfect.  We had a wonderful time heading down to watch the dancers, we enjoyed the parade and also an elephant ear or two.   

They only dressed up once.  Kennedy thought it was embarrassing to be in costume. :)  (and so it begins)  I didn't push it since it was rather warm most of the week.  At least they humored me for some good pics.  That's really all that matters anyway, right? 

We headed down a night with my friend Amanda and her two kids.  We also met up with Jill and Brad for a quick pic with the cousins.  Another great night! 
Future couple? 
Wouldn't it be something to show this at their wedding someday? 
(us mom's and our plans. :) ) 

Parade day!! 
Many thanks to Ryan S. for scoring us some great seats.
The kids had a blast with Kailyn and Will, as usual.
Perfect parade day!! 

Sno-cones were the prefect end to a fun filled day/week!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mother's Tea

The Tuesday after Mother's Day I was invited to a special Mother's Tea in Kooper's class.  When we got to school all us mommies waited patiently in the waiting area until the kiddos came out to get us.  When they came out they greeted us with a darling handmade corsage.  We were also given an adorable handmade necklace and the cutest painted pot with two little flowers in it.  It was super special since all were made with love- my favorite gifts.  The kids also sang a few songs for us and then we enjoyed a little snack.  They made yummy fruit kabobs and poured us 'tea' aka grape juice.  It was such a fun morning.  I love any/all one on one time given with my kids and it's always a pleasure getting a glimpse into the classroom. 

A Dandy Day

We spent most of our Mother's Day afternoon in the dandelion field behind our house.  It was a beautiful spring day and we enjoyed playing and just being together as a family.  We had no extended family brunch or lunch to attend so it was truly a treat to hang at home for the day.

Since it was such a nice day we decided to play a little ball.

Kooper will actually start tee-ball in a couple of weeks so this was good practice for him.

We'll see if he enjoys 'games' more than 'practice.'
Not sure yet if this will be 'his' sport.

I very much enjoyed my Mother's Day and am thankful for my three blessings.