Thursday, March 26, 2009

Finally some FL Pics

First off we're back and had a fabulous time in FL last week. To be honest I wish we were still there. Vacations go way too fast. We stayed at an amazing resort. if you care to check it out. We had awesome weather, as you'll soon see as were wore bathing suits the majority of our time there. We had a couple days of clouds and a little rain so on one of the days were headed to Gulf World, a much scaled down version yet similar to a Sea World. To forewarn you this post is picture heavy as it was so hard to pick and choose seeing as I took over 600 images while we were gone. We'll start with Gulf World....

Kenz was able to shake hands with a dolphin. What an amazing experience. She was so brave and enjoyed it. The dolphin was 3 years old, just like her.

Watching the dolphins swim...

Walking with dad..

There were lots of parrots that talked as you walked by.

Kolter hanging out, just taking it all in.

Trying to touch the sting rays was another hit for Kenz. She's not afraid at all. Kooper, however, wanted nothing to do with it.

Reaching for one.

Just a cute random pic of the Rotman boys..

Kennedy and grandma strolling down the Pineapple Willy boardwalk.

Mommy and Koop

Mommy and Kenz

Me and my mom

B & D

Family photo

Another family photo

Kolter 11 months

Kennedy, almost 4

Kooper and Kenz enjoyed the sand.

Grandma's girl

The resort had a kiddie play area with mall like toys to climb on. The kids really like the boat the best.

More boat fun.

Somethings funny..

I think sissy's driving..

Poolside.. a view of the kiddie pool. The resort had 4 different pools on 4 different levels. It was amazing and the kids had fun at all. This one wasn't heated, but they didn't seem to mind.

Playing with the squirt guns..

Beach Babes..

We buried her like a mermaid several times.. they love to be buried.

Looking cool in their hats..

Lots of digging went on. Big holes to play in were a hit.

This is one of my favorite pics of Kolter. Not sure why, but I just love it. He managed to tip the chair over and is waving at the ocean or perhaps a college spring breaker that was walking by. MTV was there so there was a lot of fun people watching to be had while we spent our days beach bound.

Swimming in the ocean with daddy.

Just playing along the shore makes for darling pics.

Looking for seashells. We came home with quite the collection.

A sweet brotherly moment.

Mommy time.

Dancing it up..

Another sweet brotherly moment.

Not having it at this paticular moment..

Sand castles and pools to play in. Daddy is good at building them.

Loving the ocean!

Our little pirate showing off his muscles.. he got his patch and matching hat at Gulf World. He was all about the Pirate getup.


Loving his first time at the ocean..

She couldn't get enough of it..

We thank you Lord, and parents, for a wonderful vacation and safe and happy travels. We made lots of memories and had an absolute blast. Looking forward to next time. :-)